Earthquakes and Interwebs

The past few days my family has been completely dependent on lotioney puffs, mucinex, ibuprofen and hot tea.  Also Oklahoma has been experiencing incredibly  strange weather including earthquakes, flash floods and tornados.  I have stopped being surprised by life, I would not be at all surprised if I discover buried treasure in my back yard or if Zombies attack.  Seriously.
So I spoke at a retreat this past weekend and I made this video to go along with my presentation.  The idea behind this video has really been rattling around in my brain lately.  How is social media affecting us?
Sunday night I was sitting on the couch reading up on a Mom Blog and feeling horribly inadequate about my parenting skills.  These moms have elaborately organized playrooms and daily schedules that revolve around their child’s developmental growth and creative freedom.  To get my mind off it, I clicked on the tweet of a home decor site which I enjoy and as I checked out the pictures of their pristinely coiffed homes I instantly started glancing around my living room and seeing crooked paint lines and dusty, empty spaces.
I have a confession to make to you all:  I am flagrant comparer/contraster.  At least 837 times a day I look around me and count all the ways I don’t measure up.  The internet makes this number a lot higher than it otherwise would be.  I know I can’t be perfect at everything but how do I use the advise from these good sources online to learn and grow rather than feel inadequate about my own shortcomings?
I have realized that I need to make a list (surprise!) and rank the things I do with my time in order of importance of how they line up with what God is asking from me.  I want to be intentional about this and refer to it anytime that I feel inadequate about the state of my life.  This will help me on days when I am sporting yet another pony tail rifling through a laundry basket of clean clothes that has gone unfolded for days.
I am learning that we all have our “things” in life, these are the ideas and people we are passionate about, the thoughts that God wants to occupy our minds.  We need to note these “things” and use their truth to defend against constant arrows of “not good enough” that fly from the screens of our phones and screens.  If we don’t put our shields up we might live in a constant blah land where we are too distracted trying to do everything that we can feel fulfilled in much of anything.
God doesn’t want us to constantly hold our lives up to those around us, constantly sizing each other up.  We are all crazy unique and our obsession with “stacking up” is going to detract us all from the awesome beauty God scattered through our lives to be discovered and explored.
One of my favorite Authors Shauna Niequist also suggests making a “to-don’t” list.
This is a list of items that you just don’t bother with at all.  For example she doesn’t remodel, garden or bake.   I love this idea, since you can’t be everything, lets make a list of items we just don’t bother with.  There is a lot of freedom in this practice, and I need to work on both of my lists, the list of “what I am all about” and the opposite “to-don’t” list.
Am I the only one who often feels inadequate when they “log-on”?
What do you need to remember, and what do you need “to-dont”?