Not Today

Today I want to share with you something amazing.  Today I desperately want to write something that makes people remember who they are and what they are on this earth to do.   The problem is that inspiration is completely blocked behind a serious wall of congestion and exhaustion from a nasty and lingering sinus infection.  So I sat in the tub and realized that Today was not the day for amazing.  Today is not the day for extreme productivity.  If I keep an unsustainable pace, my body will burn out.  So I put on my fuzzy warm clothes and my fleecy cloud socks and decided that today is a “Not today” day.

Toilet cleaning?  – Not today
List making? – Not today
Letter writing? – Not today
Gourmet meals? – Not today (unless you want to bring me one… then yes, today!)
Hours of writing? – Not today

Baby Snuggling? – Yes
Chick Flick watching? – Yes
Doctor calling? – Yes
Laying in bed with a book? Yes
Some light crocheting? – Perhaps

I worry about the pace we keep and the high levels we set for ourselves.  We are called by God to take a full day off from paperwork and turn our attention to resting and nourishing our souls.  I suspect that few that 5% of us are doing that.  So I will take today off and find peace with carpeted floors covered in little shoes and colorful blocks. I will ignore dirty dishes and turn my attention to resting and recovering from an overly busy and draining week.

Are we called to work hard on this earth?  Absolutely completely and totally yes.  But God also called us to rest and feast and be.  So today I rest and I shall feast on soup and toast and whatever Kel decided to make for dinner.  Which is supposed to be chicken parmesan and that sounds nice.  Not that I can taste anything, but still.