Fighting for simple thanks

Right now I am holed up in my bedroom, because if I don’t excuse myself form the rest of my family, someone may get hurt.  I am in the midst of full tilt Thanksgiving prep, which right now seems to be including candying ginger and making pine cone turkeys.  I just about lost it and so I sent myself to my room to find a bit of perspective.

I am struck with a deep sense that if I don’t change course now, this Thanksgiving could be a flop.  And I’m not talking about  burning the turkey or making the mashed potatoes too runny.   I stand to ruin things on a much larger scale, in fact, I am on the fast track to miss out on the beauty of the holiday if I get lost in the details.  So as sit in my bed, surrounded by a mountain of clean laundry I’m changing it up.  I’m putting some promises and prayers out there for myself, and I truly hope that God might sprinkle these truths over your thanksgiving as well.

1) I will commit to make a wide-awake and thankful heart more important than flavors, decorations or clean carpets.  I want to see the joy in the details of this rich, warm day.

2) I pray that discussions of thankfulness are threads which are woven throughout the whole weekends, instead of one small session around the dinner table.

3) I want to leave dirty dishes sit which I slow down and enjoy the day through my children’s eyes, and remember that I now have a huge hand in forming their feelings toward holidays and traditions.

4) People over food, People over cleanliness, People over perfection, People People People…

5) As the black friday ads and emails start to overtake my TVs and inbox like a tidal wave, I will do my best not to stress out.  Instead I will try to go back to the source of truth and beauty to remind myself that this season should be about the revolutionary world changing love of Jesus.

Dear God,

I pray that myself and everyone reading this has a holiday weekend where their minds and hearts are flooded with prayers of thanks for being big time blessed.  I pray that we are able to sit, to reflect, to savor all the rare faces and food that this Holiday is famous for.  May families draw closer around their tables instead of father apart.  So many have holes in their lives and pain in their hearts, I pray that you strengthen them, bring your peace to their hearts and your people to their doorsteps.  Lord, let us see far more joy and beauty than we do issues and problems as our thankful hearts continuously send seeds of thanksgiving wafting up to heaven.  This is what makes this day truly delicious.