brisk walks > butts on couches

I just got back from the park with my two kiddos, we played on the toys and walked a mile.  It was chilly and as the sun set the temps went from the  lower 50’s to the upper 40’s.  As we loaded back into the good ol mini van, our noses and cheeks were rosy.  Before you think I’m too awesome, to be honest I didn’t want to leave the house at all, my new default has been to stay in my yoga pants, cook, play with the kids, write something and pick up a mountain of “good” ideas on Pinterest.  However, as the kids napped and I formulated a plan for the dreaded 3:00 – 5:00 shift, I made a good choice and got the coats, hats and shoes ready for a trip to our favorite park to stroll and as my 2 yr old puts it “Slide-Swing.”

As we walked I used the time to process life and tip toe over piles of goose poo.  I thought about good choices and how you are never done making them, and how they are rarely the easy choices.  If you make a healthy food choice for breakfast, you still have to make one for lunch if you want to stay on track.  And you don’t get to go to the gym just once a month, you have to keep going every other day or so.  If you plan a date night with your sexy hot spouse, you will still find yourself working on your marriage the next day.  Going to church once a week doesn’t set you up with God for the week, you need to keep going to him to draw wisdom and strength.  You can pretty much apply this formula to anything worth having in life.  One good act  ≠ (does not equal) done.  You have to keep walking, keep working, keep growing… until you die.

The trick is to make peace with this reality and not allow it to discourage you and cause your head to explode.  There is this delicate line that we all have to discover, a line between determination and grace.  Every now and  it’s okay to eat ice cream before bed and leave the dinner dishes in the sink, but not all the time.  Some nights its okay to space out in front of the TV with your spouse after a long day, but not every night, you have to work and connect and communicate.  If you’re like me and Kel communication is your bread and butter, without it, you’ll starve.  You have to  find your own rhythm between determination and grace, rest and sabbath, it looks different for all of us, but you have to find it.

If you’re not careful, this can get a bit daunting and It’s tempting to let them define who you are.  If your house is clean and you went to the gym, then you’re awesome, if not, then you may be… less than awesome.  But dust on your shelves and the contents of your kitchen sink doesn’t define you, rather all these good choices string together like Christmas lights to add brilliance and shine to the big picture.  If you take time to achieve health, you will be ready and well to act on the amazing and beautiful things that do define you and leave a legacy.

So today I ate more than 5 fruits and vegetables, did a Kickboxing DVD and went for a walk.  I didn’t do these things because they sounded awesome or because they define me.  But because I did them I was alert, healthy and chipper. ready to connect with the people I love and hear Gods voice as he directed my thoughts and my heart.