Express Advent

We are a week out from Christmas, and I have been writing here about my deep desire to prepare my heart for the coming of Jesus.  I had big plans and goals of reflecting upon and journeying through the Advent season alongside my husband, children and friends.  Guess what?  I lied.  It’s a week out from Christmas and I am so stressed that for the past week I’ve been having mini panic attacks.  I haven’t rested my hands, in fact I may have given myself carpal tunnel.  I haven’t rested my spirit, I am anxious, nervous and exhausted.  I am spread thin, thinner than I have been in a long long time.  I do this almost every year, Christmas approaches with hope and I adopt beautiful and meaningful practices, only to abandon them by getting caught up in Christmas “stuff”.  I shop, I plan, I decorate, I make, I cook, and I serve.  All good things, but when done to excess, they can take your focus off the soon to be filled manger.

But not this year!  Not again, I will not, WILL NOT MISS IT AGAIN THIS YEAR!  I have decided to do something drastic, something new, and I am going to enter into a season I am calling “Express Advent” (yes this is a nod to Phil Dunfee)

I will be blogging about, tweeting about, and facebooking about #expressadvent.  I still have a week to center myself, my heart and my spirit around what it means to long for and then to celebrate the coming of Jesus.  So I’m delving into the 4 weeks of advent, in just one week.  And not just any week, the week before Christmas, often the busiest most stressful week of the year.

Here is my invitation to you, maybe you, like me, have almost missed it too.  Maybe your thoughts are at the mall, the grocery store or the post office instead of in the hills with the shepherds or in Bethlehem awaiting the coming King.  It’s not too late for us, lets not miss the restful, refreshing, revolutionary experience that Christmas is supposed to be.  Want to #expressadvent with me?   There may be a lot of content, so just read what you can and when you can, and if you don’t tweet, you can read the twitter feed on the side of the blog.

Follow along as I forge my way through a week of preparation and exploration.  Lets not let another year go by without “getting it.”

Oh and if you are going to #expressadvent with me, let me know by tweeting, commenting and posting links.  So many of us miss out on the depth of this season, lets unite in refusing to do it in 2011.

  • Springs

    I’m in. So in. My heart needs this badly. Looking forward to it.

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