Exactly what my heart needed

In High School I remember promising my Aunt Ruth I would never be married to a pastor.  I am.

In my early twenties I thought I’d never have kids, I have two.

I would have never thought I’d end up in Ada, OK but that’s where we call home.

After we had Noelle I wanted to wait a while before we had another baby and then a few weeks before her first Birthday we found out I was pregnant.  In order to stay in my comfort zone I secretly begged God for a girl so of course at our 20 week ultra sound our baby let us all know that he had the essential bits and parts to qualify him as a boy.   I remember telling the Dr that I didn’t know how to do boys, that he would pee all over everything.  And he has.  But I can assure he has sprinkled my life with much more than urine, more than anything he has brought unending joy.

Clearly I have no idea what I “need” and that’s strangely comforting, and irritating.  I have my pastor husband who transplanted me to Oklahoma, then we got a daughter and a blue eyed baby boy in quick succession.  I could never do life without any of them, and today as we celebrate the first birthday of our little man I am bathed in the truth that God knows exactly what I need.  My life needed a fuzzy blonde baby boy.  Happy birthday my son.