Long Distance Living

Quick think of all of the things that you love in life….  You know, your family, your life, your hobbies and passions, the stuff that you would put on the top of your priority list.  These are the things that bring you the true God joy that we’re all searching for.  Mine would be my God, my family, my friends, my writing, cooking and just generally soaking in all that is really beautiful on this planet.

Now… reflect on the list you just made.  Do all those things on your list always come easy?  Mine don’t.  I love being a mom but a lot of days require a healthy dose of perspective and a heavy reliance on God to get me through to bedtime.  I don’t get to call in sick on mom-ing, kids don’t let you do that, they want cheerios and bananas all the time, not just when you fee up to it.  If I really want to parent, write, or carry out my calling, I have to do it whether I feel like it or not.

The essential, quenching stuff of our lives isn’t always appealing.  There is a less than appealing “tough side” to most everything, except massages and pedicures, and sometimes we have to push through and do it anyway.  There are 700 sayings about how the stuff worth having doesn’t come easy, and the “not easy” part is found in doing it no matter what.  The “not easy” can be found in all of those grown up words we rejected in college, words like discipline, priorities and motivation.  But we need those words if we want to be in the business of finishing our races, and finishing is never as fun as starting.  The nitty gritty of life is never as easy as we thought it would when we were dreaming about it.

It turns out that life is a marathon, and we all need to be long, long, looooong distance runners.  My uncle is a track runner and coach, and has always told be that I was built to run distance, so today I’m going to take that as encouragement for my soul in addition to a commentary on my body.  Which is apparently distancey… like what, an RV?

I think often in the middle of projects we feel too small or runty to make it to the end, so we give up.  I know I do. I am easily prone to see other runners who are at my finish life and instead of seeings encouragement, I get discouraged about how I don’t measure up.  I focus on how I’m bound to fail at my race simply because I’m me.  So I give up, sit on my couch and watch food network instead of running on.

But, God didn’t call me to quit, however his arch enemy sure hopes that I will.  So I need to put my big brave-girl pants back on (again) hit my knees (again) and just pray for perseverance to keep running.  As for wisdom to keep listening and for the love of pete to stop comparing myself to everyone else.  The things we love the most require the most stick-to-it-ive-ness, and I am pretty sure that in the end that they’ll define us.

Whatever your race is, I know that its hard, but I promise that its worth it.  I hope you keep running with me.  I hope you remember that giving up is lame and easy all at the same time, but that very act of picking up and running again is breathtakingly brave and pretty dang beautiful to boot.

Lets run.  Shall we?  I know you have something you are sitting out because you feel weary or inadequate.  Lets believe that we are called and that we are totally and amazingly more than adequate because of that call.

Lets strap on metaphorical neon pink pumas and kick it like crazy.  Gunshot.  Go.