Counting Gifts (my first giveaway)

Last week was a tough one, I am a wussy single parent and Kel was gone for 7 days.  To all of you out there who do kids solo on a regular basis, you astound me.  One of the ways I got through it all with a positive attitude was by counting my gifts.  If you are unfamiliar with this concept, it’s all about taking time to physically keep track of all the great people, things and moments in your day to day life that strike you as gifts from God.  The concept of thanks and joy isn’t a new concept but its revolutionary in its simplicity.  Thankful living and gift counting will certainly rock your world to the core.  It’s painfully easy to focus on the negative, all that we don’t have and all that God hasn’t given us.

I’m not the author of this concept, Ann Voskamp is.  The beautifully written words in her book and the thoughtfully captured photos that fill the pages of her blog have made an imprint on my life.  God is working through the passion and perseverance of Ann from her home on a Canadian farm all the way to my kitchen table here in Oklahoma.  This isn’t an easy read and when I finished the first chapter I found myself balling in the bathtub and arguing with God from the depths of my soul.  Her concepts are true, vivid and life altering, but the best things aren’t always easy to swallow.  There is even an app to go along with the book and make your gift counting on the go easier to manage.  A beautiful book with an app!  Life is good.

I’ve become so passionately wrapped up in the biblical truth that she highlights that I’m making her book my first blog giveaway.  So here is how you can enter!

1) comment on my blog this week
2) Retweet or share a link on Facebook or twitter
3) Like the author page on Facebook (for the first time, if you “unlike” and then “relike it” It’ll just irritate me and you will win an eye roll next time we meet.) 

If you do these things multiple times, you will be entered multiple times, so yay for that!   If you already have it, enter anyway, I’m sure you can think of a dear friend you could bless with a present like this.

Is a book a big money giveaway?  Not really.  But any book has the opportunity to change your life, and this book very well may bring you closer to God and fill your life with increasing joy as you gain eyes to see all the gifts that abound in your life.  You will find that Gift counting is a delightful practice that it leads to joy filled living, which lines up exactly with the way God wants to see us doing life.

  •!/profile.php?id=1253562787 Frances Veenstra

    I shared this on my fb page :)

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    • leannepenny

      Thank you! You’re in the running for this amazing book!

      • Glenda

        This book is on my wishlist… so why should it amaze me that I wound up here today? I saw your comment about “putting on your big girl panties” on another blog and followed the bread crumbs to read your blog. Finding the giveaway was a (God) bonus. Thanks for sharing your wise words…

        • leannepenny

          God is pretty good like that!

          • Melissa Edens

            So funny! I also followed the Plaid-Panties breadcrumb trail and here I am to enter for a book. I’ve never heard of this book but I like the concept. I homeschool our five children and count my blessings ALL the time – it’s a sanity saver :) I’ll “like” your FB page too – do I need a separate comment for that?

          • leannepenny

            Thanks! Who knew that using the word panties would bring so many people? 😉 If you like my Facebook I will enter you twice! It’s pretty good rules eh?

          • Ashley C

            I have heard so many great things about this book. I’ve had it on my wish list for awhile!


          • leannepenny

            You should absolutely keep it on that list! It’s an attention grabbing and thought changing journey of a book.