My Valentines Team

can you say Happy Valentines Day without glitter, doilies and googley eyes? You can, but I don't recommend it.

I love Holidays because they mean a break from the everyday, a reason to celebrate some specific portion of life.  I’m a sucker for birthdays and think each one is worth celebrating.  I recently had dinner with my Great Aunts, my Grandmas sisters, beautiful every one of them.  My Great Aunt Arloa was talking about how much she loved celebrating her 80th birthday.  When she walked into the surprise party her children put on for her, she immediately asked her daughter: “Well, it’s my party, where’s my tiara?”  And her daughter, who knows her mother, immediately produced one for her and she wore it with pride.  She made it 80 years, that’s tiara worthy my friends.  How awesome is that perspective?  I think we should all aim to enter our 80s loving a reason to celebrate and have a party.

In case you missed it, next week is Valentines Day, and my little Casa reflects that.  A lot of people have mixed views on Valentines Day, you will hear it called “A greeting card holiday” or “singles awareness day”.  For many years I put huge expectations on Kel, or whatever boyfriend I had, to romance me to the nines.  When this didn’t happen, when the roses were carnations or the dinner was at Applebees I  typically sulked and whined.  I now approach celebration with a more laid back attitude and a determination to soak in the day rather than look for errors and disappointments.

My Dad always bought the three of us kids Valentines day presents, which he snuck onto our dinner plates before our evening meal of tater tots and fish sticks.  It made me feel loved and special, even though I was only 8, I was Daddy’s Valentine.  I’m certainly going to team up with Kel in being our kids Valentines until, gulp, someone else fills our spot.  And then, lets be honest, son in laws and grandkids will just give me more valentines presents to buy.

And then theres my obvious Valentine Kel.  I will definitely love on my big daddy valentine and look for ways to romance and surprise him next Tuesday.  Even though he has to work crazy late that night I am still determined to create space for celebration. I’ll just have a few afternoon cups of coffee and pray I make it until 11:00.  My plans in this area are not yet solidified and may be potentially a bit PG-13.

This year I’m adding another component to my Valentines Day and I’m thrilled about it.  I’m sending love notes to my home team.  In case you don’t know who your home team is, they are your inner circle of people.  The ones who would be there in a heartbeat if you called sobbing, the ones on the other end of the ranting text messages, the ones who you share prayers and glasses of wine with.  Your home team is your people, the ones you do life with in real and transparent ways.  This year I’m sending the home team each valentines as well.   I want them to know that in their own beautiful and unique ways, they are my valentines.  I even braved a solo trip with both kids to the scrapbook store to buy cute paper and a heart punch, and that’s love baby, a two year old in a scrapbook store is a gourmet paper tornado waiting to happen.

My opinion is that when it comes to celebrating the annual day of love, we tend to keep our focus too small.  So I am going non traditional, which is forever an option nowadays, and celebrating all of my valentines.  Who wouldn’t love to get a card from a friend, aunt or cousin letting them know that they are cherished and noticed?  Everyone wants that, even if they put on a prickly front.

So, if you’re going into Feb 14 with a lonely mindset, perhaps adopting this new take on Valentines Day will put some life back into your holiday.  Its always an option to focus on what you don’t have, and I know that many of us have voids that are bigger on special occasions.  However, I choose the way of polka dot hearts and glittery doilies, because it fills my heart and brings joy to those around me.

What are your Valentines Plans?  Conversation heart binge?  Steak Dinner?  Are you sending a singing candy gram to anyone special?  If so, when and where and can I bring the kids to watch?

Lets take this day to show extra measures of love, it can only bring light to our world.

  • Sandy Henson

    Don”t just wait until it is a special day to tell them how much they mean to you. Do it on an unexpected day and the delight will be wonderful for both of you. Love just doesn’t show itself on Valentine’s Day!