Weekends are for remembering why

We have had a rough week in the Penny house, there’s been a small argument around every corner, marker on the walls and goldfish crackers dotting every square foot of the house.  So here we are at the weekend, with a chance to renew, refresh and restore our weary hearts.  I feel like we should capitalize on this time, use it to get ourselves into a healthier so next week goes smoother.  But what sounds good to us, works with our kids schedules, fits into the budget and would be fun for everyone?

Honestly, I have no idea if there is one perfect solution, but I think that the heart of our healing weekend lies in simplicity, truth and contentment.  When you find yourself exhausted and weary it’s typically because you took on too much, believed something untrue about your life, or failed to enjoy what you have already been given.

We forget why we do all the things we set out to do at the beginning.  We fail to let things drop and take life back to simple basics.  You know, like Dad making pancakes or cartoons on the couch, snuggled with kids in footie pajamas.  A conversation that reminds you who you are, and maybe jotting a few post its carrying quotes that will keep you grounded.

We have so much and we run so hard that we forget how healing it can be to quiet our hearts and search for beauty, to sit with no agenda and just “be there.”  How often, do we rest and simply enjoy the house and community we work so hard to develop and sustain?  I do this rarely, which causes me to forget the heart of it all.

I am going to look my family in the eyes when they talk to me, look for the flecks of color in their beautifully unique eyes, ranging from chocolate brown to sea glass blue.  I am going to turn off the TV more, reach for the iPhone less and gaze off and let God bring me things he’s been needing to say.

Right now my daughter is doing my hair with a silicone tongs and putting stickers on my back.  So I am going to stop writing and see where this leads.  Prediction?  I’ll get a tongs stuck in my hair.

Put down the dust cloth, the iPhone, the to do list and seek shalom, give God space to use your days of rest to remind you why you do what you do in the first place.

It’s tongs time. . . ow.

  • Betsy

    How perfect this is, Leanne. Excellent.

    • http://leannepenny.wordpress.com leannepenny

      Thanks Aunt Betsy! Love and miss you.