Abundance- No one else can do your thing.

Describe Squirrels in one word.  If you’re like me you may use the word anxious, they’re always out there skittering around, gathering nuts and staring us down nervously.  They’re worried you’re after them or their stash, you’re probably not, but squirrels be crazy like that.

Want to know something about my past?  I used to be a productivity consultant with Franklin Covey.  I used to assist other people in becoming more organized and productive.  Before you get too impressed, you must know that this gig was mostly me in high heels selling planners at the mall.  However, in those days I was highly efficient, hyper organized and I wore really cute shoes and pants that were non elastic.

Nowadays I feel so disorganized that I barely remember to pay our water bill, in fact, crap, I need to go do that.  Sit tight…

Okay, water crisis averted, now back to Franklin Covey.  Many of you may have read or at least heard of the book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, it’s not new or obscure.  Its long and life changing and if you don’t have time to check it out you should at least give the concept of the 7 Habits a once over.  It’s all very responsible and grown up, but don’t let that make you nervous, ordering your inner self is a good thing, it will leave you feeling ultimately more free.

One of the things that stuck with me from this book is the concept of the Abundance Mentality, which basically means that there is enough success and happiness out there for everyone, it’s not a pie, when someone else succeeds there is still a 100% chance that you can too.  We can be great alongside of each other, not in spite of each other.  Yet we turn everything into a competition.  Whatever your passion is, we all compare ourselves with each other, and feel jealous sometimes, it’s just a sinful human thing.  I do this more than I care to confess, somewhere deep inside me I worry that my success banks on other people’s lack of success.

For example: when I visit the site of an blogger who is getting more comments than I am or had been offered a book deal, I get a touch jealous and a wee bit anxious.  Inside I am screaming, they’re sucking up all the readers and book deals, I’m screwed!  I’m too late!

This is ridiculous because no one else can do my thing, or yours for that matter. Comparing our success to other people’s reduces us both to one dimensional people.  We’re all so deep and God molded us so uniquely that there is no way someone else is remotely capable of “doing your thing”.  Your success is comprised of what you were given, where you’ve been, what you’re surrounded with and what you choose to do with it.

This shouldn’t make us lazy or cause us to procrastinate rather it should reduce our hoarding, squirrely mentality.  The abundance mentality opens our eyes to the fact that God has placed us in a world where there is room for all of us to bloom under his nurturing and in his time.  God didn’t set us up to compete with each other, forever anxious that someone else is honing in on our nut.  No, no that’s not of God at all.

I wrote this mostly for me, to remind myself that whatever God has in store for me, he has created space for it.  When I worry that he hasn’t what I’m really saying is that I’m worried someone can express my heart better than I can. And that’s hogwash, poppycock, and other fun antiquated phrases that mean dumb.

No one else can do your thing, so stop worrying about it.  Say it out loud right now, and make everyone in the room feel a little awkward. Then go put it on a post it note or needlepoint it if you’re feeling like getting your inner granny on.

yes that's supposed to be a needlepoint-ish heart at the bottom


  • Heather Tiger

    So basically, God has enough nuts for all us nutters?! I like it. Seriously, I needed to read these reminders as I have been playing the “You have more comments/traffic than I do” game. I did say the phrase out loud, and did receive a strange look from Aaron!

  • http://rebootingworship.com/ Jamie Kocur

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one who does that with blogs. :) And get your inner granny on? Awesome.

    • http://leannepenny.wordpress.com leannepenny

      Blogging can cause so much teenage insecurity! And granny… I think I had my inner hip hop on while writing it, that’s what happens when you listen to the black eyed peas just before blogging.

  • http://embracingimperfection.typepad.com Kika@embracingimperfection

    Great post, Leanne. “whatever God has in store for me, he has created space for it.” I appreciate the reminder and believe this to be true.