Choosing Joy 2-26-12

It was Thursday, it was windy, it was warm.  We were are the park, all four of us trying to cram a little family time in-between work and a board meeting.  My Soul-eyes were wide open and I was fully at the park with my family, undistracted and tuned in.  My daughter ran for a pile of last October’s leaves and started tossing them around.  The Oklahoma wind picked them up and send them flying and swirling, delighting her two year old spirit.  We were letting my son crawl around at the park for the first time ever and upon seeing the flying, swirling leaves he made a beeline for his sister and tried tossing them himself, hoping for the same effect.

There were so many giggles and grins and wide-open eyes.  Were they always this joyful?  How often was I missing moments like this, hiding behind a sinkfull of dishes and an iPhone screen?  How many joyful moments did I waste?

Oh God, remember how you put mud on the blind mans eyes and the scales fell off?  I want that for my heart and soul, I want to see more moments like this, I beg you.  Amen.

Here are a few ways I chose joy this week.

In Pictures

Gift 46- She discovers the wind in the leaves and we are not too busy to notice.

Gift 47- He discovers her in the leaves and imitates, his learning on display for us to see.

Yup, I get on the slide too, I'm all in with them at the park this week.

Gift 51- My Kel carrying little man around Lowes because he was so tired that he slept on his daddy's shoulder.

1000 Gifts Dare– Didn’t log as many gifts this week, as usual I am behind but that doesn’t mean I’ll stop counting, I am over 50 now thought!  Gallery here

In Food
This week was crazy and I didn’t cook anything new or exciting.  My favorite two meals were takeout actually.  First a late night chinese dinner of broccoli chicken with Kel as we just breathed the silence of the house.  Then a pizza picnic on the living room floor which was low key until my little man sat on his big sister’s pizza.  I found joy in the simplicity of easy food enjoyed with people I love.

On Screens

What song have 75% of our family been singing to themselves this week?  Why the Oscar nominated “Man or Muppet” of course.  I haven’t gotten to see the movie yet, but Kel has and since we do enjoy the muppets I’m sure I’ll check it out.  Please enjoy the cameo by Jim Parsons!

This week was busy, this week was long, there was sickness, poop and overtime at Kel’s job, yet Grace abounded and we chose to see the joy even in the less than ideal moments.