How bad do you want it?

What is your passion?  Is it epic parenting?  Health or Weight loss? Medicine?  Art?  College or Grad School? Healing something broken?  Adoption and Orphans? What’s your thing?

How bad do you want it?

What are you doing about it?

Just a few months  before my Dad died he got big into the CD Live Like You Were Dying by Tim McGraw, the first track on this Album is How Bad Do You Want It?  

One day in my parents kitchen he played me the song How Bad Do You Want it extremely loud.  As the song played he danced around and jabbed me in the ribs (typical Dad move) trying to get me into it.  I was preparing to move out on my own and start at a new school.  I was terrified I couldn’t cut it.  His question to me was in the title of the song: How Bad Do You Want It?

Essentially the song explains itself, if you want your dream badly enough you will eat, breathe and sleep it to make it happen, no matter what.  I wanted college, so I worked three jobs and crammed studying into the cracks in-between.  Now I want to write, so I’m up at 5 am trying to get a jump on things before the rest of the house spills from the back bedrooms with their morning attitudes and demands for a hot breakfast.  I’ll be tired later, and I’ll likely be in bed with my book at 8:30 and asleep by 9:30, but I’ll be chasing my God-given dream, so I’ll be happier for it.

I floundered for a while in-between high school and my first days at Kuyper College, and as my dad told me:  “you just haven’t found that thing you want to do yet.”  It’s hard to have focus and passion when you haven’t found your thing yet.  But remember, even if you’re searching you’re still required to live a life of integrity and follow through.  Just because you’re searching doesn’t give you the right to be a flake.

It’s Monday, when means that we have a whole new calendar week sprawled out in front of us.  Do you have something on your heart that you want badly?  Do you want it bad enough to shake up your life and make it happen?  You won’t make a big dent in the world unless you’re willing to change it up and run after what you want like your hair is on fire.  You will get tired, you will run out of steam and you will need encouragement.  So remember:

1) Finishing is harder than starting, the middle and end of your dream will be the hardest part. (Check out Jon Acuff’s finish year for more on this)

2) You’ll need support so share your dream with friends and family and ask them to encourage you.  Also get you some running buddies- find some people who are similarly passionate and learn from each other.  See each other as fellow runners, not competition.

3) Talk to God about your dream, ALL.  THE.  TIME.  Ask him to keep refiling your rapidly emptying tank and giving you perspective, energy and direction.

4) Check out stories of perseverance.  Nearly every successful person tripped and fell dozens of times before reaching their peak. Tim McGraw is actually one of them, that’s why he wrote How Bad Do You Want It.

I would love to pray for you and your dream, if you’re willing to share it with us here.  What’s Your Thing, what are you doing about it?  How can we help?

Dear Father, renew us, refresh us and direct us as we arise this Monday morning, mugs in our hands and dreams in our hearts.