Craft-holics Anonymous

Hi I’m Leanne and It’s been three weeks since I last crafted.  Phew, there, I feel better.

I have a corner in our bedroom closet that is replete with paints, fabric, glue, yarn and felt.  It used to torture me and call to me endlessly, play with us Leanne!  Create something!  If I gave in to their tempting offer I usually ended up frustrated and behind.  The kids would get up from naps, the table runner wasn’t done and I resented their sleepy eye presence in the dining room.  Why did they have to wake up and interrupt my fun?  And why did I  have to figure out dinner?  Do we have to eat every night?  Gah!  Then there was this nagging wave of guilt that I hadn’t written, my true passion and calling.  So I made a command decision and put imaginary chains around the craft corner.

After closing the craft corner for business I started down the process of focusing on the best choices possible for me and my family.  Even if it meant leaving my table naked and runner-less or my mantle un-adorned with spring easter decor.  And not shockingly, I’m happier, even though the naked corners of my house bug my slightly.  Also a few pieces of Valentines Day Decor are still up, but I do promise that this is a better way of living.

Do you have a Awesome passion and a slightly less awesome hobby?  Do you need to make a switch to put your focus somewhere better?  Do you have an amazing homemade table runner?  (if so I don’t wanna hear about it)

Well I must go because little man is making very salty confetti out of a pack of saltines.