Mom Jeans (A Guest Post at Epic Parent)

Today I’m geeked to be guest posting over at Chris Spradlin’s blog “Epic Parent” your source for honest, on the edge, creative parenting.  I’ve only known Chris a little while but I love the honest and applicable content he has to offer on this site, I get it delivered into my inbox every day, and it’s always an energizing read in the middle of a my day.  Plus you gotta love a Jesus-loving dad who is passionate about parenting and has an awesome beard (if you’ve seen my husband Kel, and his “crowder” you’ll understand)

Mom Jeans- A Guest Post with a link

Most moms have said it to their sisters and girlfriends.  “If I ever start wearing Mom jeans, stage an intervention.”  You know the pants?  The jeans that are cut generously with a 9 inch zipper and pleats?  These jeans say “I’m not a woman anymore, I’m a mom!”  I have my flaws but I’m proud to say that I’ve steered clear of mom jeans.

However, there is another set of Mom genes I can’t avoid, the ones I inherited from my mother. She took her life last year after a long battle with depression. …

To read more head on over to Epic Parent and finish it up.  

  • Joely

    I heart you Leanne and am blessed to have you as a fellow mom friend “who doesn’t wear mom jeans” and loves her children very much! You are a GREAT mama and a great writer! xoxo