Choosing Joy 3-11-12

This week choosing joy wasn’t easy, I love Jesus and God is good, really he is, but this week sucked a little bit.  Kel’s grandpa has been on a roller coaster in the ICU and many days this week we didn’t know if he would survive the night.  Our little guy developed a nasty cold with a double ear infection.  He’s crabby on a good day but with an ear infection, he’s downright mean and he doesn’t sleep well.  This means we don’t sleep well either.  On top of all that Kel had meetings in the time slots that he’s normally home, so I’ve been doing more solo parenting than is my norm.

This is all to say that this week choosing joy was a struggle, it wasn’t the easier choice but the better one, this is what choosing joy is all about.  Without further ado here is some joy for you.  Bon Apetit’

Oh but before you read on I can’t end this week without saying  a bit about my cousins Carissa and Breanna who both play Basketball for Calvin College.  They made it to the elite eight in the national finals and last night just barely lost their game in overtime.  My heart goes out to them but mostly it swells with pride that I’m in their family.  Not only are they amazing athletes but they are some of the most beautiful people I know from the inside out.

Congrats Calvin!  You fought hard and strong and I know that I and thousands of others are so proud of you!

In Pictures

#73- Grandma Sandy and the firetruck slide. We had an amazing day at the bounce gym in Oklahoma City.

#69- Her pink cape flapping in the wind as she saved the dandelions in the backyard. This one of the times that I rallied as a mom and came up with a good idea that wasn't watching Toy Story for the 476th time.

Our new Mustard yellow vintage reading chair. I'll confess that the craftaholic in me is dreaming of recovering it but for now it's just chilling in the corner.

All week my daughter Noelle has been falling asleep near her bed rather than on it. She is like her mom in that she doesn’t quit until she just hits E.

On Screens

The article “Apology to the parents I judged Four Years ago” really did it for me this week.  Especially the line about parents who swear that their child won’t watch a single frame of TV before they turn 2.  Ha.  Ha.  Ha.

I love some Jon Acuff and this post about quitting your dream at the first sign of discomfort really resonated with me.  If you need a bit of motivation to keep your nose to the grindstone on your “thing” check out his post “When should you quit your dream.”

Also I can’t help but mention one more time how excited I was about guest posting at Epic Parent on the subject of parenting in spite of your childhood and genes.  If you missed it, go here.

My two year old daughter Noelle never ceases to amaze me, now she has created a new game she calls “feet” to keep us all moving.  Kel caught our personal trainer and I on video.

You can’t Handle the NOELLE!

In Food- Oh the shame of confessing my week in food.  For starters we’ve been out of eggs for over a week now and resorted to eating toast most mornings.  For Lunch Thursday I ate the roof off a stale gingerbread house and for lunch Saturday me and the kids ate cereal.  One night I did make a warm asparagus salad for dinner, but then I followed it up with a late night chicken club.  The bright spot of the week was Mexican Food at Mama Rojas on Lake Henfner in OKC with the Hensons.  Nothing says “yes, it’s Friday!” like a little beer and a couple of brisket tacos.  Also as long as we kept shoveling guacamole into him, the little man kept his screaming to a minimum!  Win!

In Books- I finished Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand (read it!) and I am now starting Silver Girl by  Elin Hilderbrand.  Confusing I know, but I discovered both of these authors at the same time and I am enjoying their unique styles, if I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times, books are so good for my soul.

One of the reasons I do posts like this is to share my little life with all of you. But, if I’m honest, the main reason I document choosing joy and counting gifts is because it brings perspective and clarity.  Suddenly all the stress and the ingratitude washes away under a wave of blessings, yes, even in a sucky week.

I’d love to hear or see a “choose joy” moment from your week too.  Document, Count, breathe thanks, I don’t see how you could ever possibly regret it.

  • Heather Tiger

    The pictures are great! I really enjoyed the video; I watched it on FB and Aaron was like, “What are you watching?” Duh, Noelle the elite trainer!

    My biggest joy moment was being able to get home to Broken Arrow and spending Saturday at my Mima’s watching them love on Micah and baking a strawberry chocolate cake!

    • Janae

      This is beautiful. I so appreciate your vulnerable. Blessings, friend. <3