Easter Ever After

Tonight I took the kids to an outdoor concert on the green at the college Kel works at.  I was pretty worn out and tempted not to go, but something inside me knew how much we needed to be all together, the four of us, after a long week of busy evenings and meetings.

The kids were almost an hour past their normal dinnertime and I rarely push them past 5:30.  Yet, once we got to the campus green and they saw our students tossing footballs and frisbees as the band warmed up they dashed off in two different directions.  We had to switch to man on man to ensure that there was safety and minimal dirt eating.

My daughter was enamored by all the pansy boarders the university had planted, well that and seeing which of the red brick buildings she could break into

My son wanted to be in the worship band and eat all the pizza, I’m pretty sure he’s already ready for college or he will be once he starts walking and can strum a  guitar properly.

As they crawled and ran all over the grass the outdoor worship service started and I watched as my children found their own unique ways of participating.  Noelle wove her way through the college students on the grass while we kept a watchful eye.  Caedmon on the other hand insisted on charging the stage and no matter where he was on the green he would crawl to the stage like a music seeking missile.  He had a rhythm of crawl, stop, boogie dance, keep crawling.

he was determined to crawl on stage, I don't know if he would have jammed with the band or chewed on the cords...

determined to take it all in and not miss a second

As I stood there watching my children skitter across the grass the words of Hillsong smacked me upside the soul

“lifted up
he defeated the grave
raised to life
our God is able.”

As I stood on that grass, I felt it, the empty tomb, the wafer-light yolk of Jesus’ teaching, somehow it was all there on that lush, green grass.  It was one of those rare moments where the scales drop from my eyes I get to see the reality that the heaven we are promised can often be seen right here where we are.

Today is Good Friday and I know some amazing bloggers who will offer us hands full of insight and connection to the story of the passion.  As for me, I will share this green grass, these dancing babies and my deep gratitude for the freedom found in the yolk of Jesus.

It’s Good Friday, the day where Christ bled and died in blessed unspeakable exchange for our souls.   For the entire weekend his followers lived in a world where their Messiah was  taken down by their oppressive government and their peers.  Their God-sent gift of hope had died, failed and they didn’t get it.  I probably would have missed it too and spent the weekend in despair.  It must have been a dark weekend, to have met Jesus and not yet have the Empty tomb to bring sense and light to his journey.

I’m so glad that we don’t have to live between the Cross and Easter morning ever again.

Aren’t you glad that we live after Sunday?  Every moment and situation is impacted by the empty tomb.  We live in the light of Easter and with the immense gift of The Word.

Because he lives, we can face tomorrow.  Because he lives all fear is gone

We have the sacrifice of the cross, the freedom of the empty tomb and the gift of The Word to show us how to life fully in this free life and to make sense of it all.

I can hardly stand the intricate story, the line of the children of God that we have been called into.

I pray that this Easter weekend, something clicks and you have multiple moments where you feel the story wash over you, not just in church, but in the midst of seemingly average moments that are suddenly so much more.

  • http://joycannis.wordpress.com Joy

    I. Love. This. Post.
    The green grass and babies crawling…a mothers heart…it’s brilliant.
    The thought that most struck me is, “Aren’t you glad we don’t have to live between Good Friday and Easter ever again?!”
    Powerful, powerful words.
    I rarely think of what His followers were going through during those grueling hours before the resurrection. Thank you for this.