God’s my bubble wand

My beautiful bubble girl.
And yes we have an oil rig in the backyard, it's just one of the ways God is teaching me see the beautiful in the non-ideal.

I’ve been a space cadet this last week, not the kind who does sciencey stuff with NASA but the kind who puts conditioner on their arms in the shower and puts the ice cream in the pantry.  However, I’ve still managed some pretty good living in spite of the foggy conditions in my head.

Friday evening the kids and I were sitting in the backyard twilight, blowing bubbles and playing on the slide.  For the first part of the evening I was the bubble blower, until my 2 year old’s independent streak set in and she got all “it’s mine!” with the bubble wand.

As I blew bubbles, they floated in the Oklahoma wind and the kids set out to catch them.  My daughter kept getting father away from me, going for the fringe bubbles and got increasingly frustrated that they were so sparse and high.  I found myself shaking my head and shouting to her: “You’re getting so far away from the source of the bubbles!  Come by mama and bubbles abound!”  Yes I use words like source and abound with my preschoolers.

As soon as I had uttered those words my thoughts turned spiritual and I wondered: if my peace and joy were bubbles, then God is my bubble wand.  He’s the source of everything I’m chasing after, and so often I stray far from him and expect a field of bubbles.

A lot of my reading these days takes place on blogs and in books and I couldn’t be more thankful for these resources, and do I find bubbles there?  Absolutely I do.  However I know that the deep life, the bubble filled life, exists when I devote time being near my source, either in his word or by sitting quietly in his presence.

And so I have another moment in my life where I realize that I strayed.  I allowed myself to get distracted and to wander again.  Instead of feeling frustrated I’m growing to view these moments with thanks.  I veered and God used a simple object lesson to call me back to the folds of relationship with him.  And let me tell you, feeling thankful is so much more helpful than feeling frustrated when you find that you’ve strayed.

Many mothers will tell you that as they’re raising their children, it’s really their children that are raising them.  This is 117% true and as we do life together they say and do things that mature me in my faith and my ability to die to myself daily.

The little lessons found in simple places like bubbles and Dr Suess are my favorite communication from God these days.  He never fails to find me where I am, whether that’s in a hot tub on a mountain getaway, on a padded church chair or simply in my backyard blowing bubbles.

I wanna draw close and live with hands full of the gifts only he can give until I’m so connected that I’m just an extension of his love with two feet planted on this planet.

Are you feeling a little disconnected?  Chasing bubbles too far from the source?

All truth is God’s truth and has the potential to grow and bless, but there is no substitute for the feet of our Father.