My Hand Tattoos

Can I be honest?  I waiver and fluctuate a lot, almost across the board.  Some days I’m a neat freak and then other days I can’t muster up the energy to do the dishes.  Somedays I chart my eating and make sure I get at least 5 servings and fruits and vegetables, and then this past Wednesday I ate Five Guys, topped off with a cupcake, washed down with tacos.  One day I’ll feel completely rock solid about how I’m called to live for God and then the next day I’ll feel lost, anxious and totally forget how faithful God is.

Good thing he’s always holding up his end, because if we were moving a couch, God would have his end hoisted high and I’d be whining about how hard and heavy moving furniture was.  Kind of a random example but let’s go with it.

To put it simply I’m forgetful when it comes to what exactly it is that I’m doing here on this earth and all those promises God made to me.

I often think about tattooing each of my hands with the lessons I need most, yet am prone to forget.  I used to scribble all over them with sharpie in High School to remember homework assignments and forms, which is in my opinion the most primitive form of a “planner.”

I doubt I would ever get my hands inked but I have seriously considered learning the art of Henna tattoo so I could use my hands as a billboard for what God is trying so desperately to work out in my soul.

I was driving my son on some errands yesterday, after a morning of self loathing and thinking about what I need tatted on each hand these days.

Some ideas were:

“God already has one of “them” that’s why he made you “you”
“God doesn’t need me to completely understand, he needs me to completely obey”
“live right here, right now, it’s fleeting”
“Got milk?”  (a practical one)

However, after a lot of deliberation and discussion if I were going to get hand tattoos they would be the following: “Remember” on my left hand and “Believe” on my right hand.

Remember- God has been immensely faithful to me, he has given me beautiful gifts I didn’t think I wanted but couldn’t have lived with out.  He has redeemed my bad choices and he has never failed to sustain my every need.  Even in the hardest seasons I can look back and praise him because even though my general circumstances were painful, he was in every moment.  God always calls us to remember where he HAS led us so that we can take comfort in where he IS leading us.

Believe- Shamefully I have to admit that more often than not I believe in my head more than I believe in my heart.  I will profess to you that God is and always has been good to me, but then behind closed doors I’ll freak out that he isn’t going to provide.  I don’t always believe in his ability to use me and I don’t go to him as the source for my life.  I believe in theory more than in practice.

I also love the idea of Remember and Believe because it was used in the liturgy of the Reformed Churches I attended growing up.  As the pastor would prepare the communion table he would say:

Take, eat, remember and believe that the body of our Lord Jesus Christ was given for a complete remission of all our sins.
Take, drink, remember and believe that the precious blood of our Lord Jesus Christ was shed for a complete remission of all our sins.”

That little girl wiggling in the pew is the same one writing at her dining room table today.  God’s faithfulness has sustained and led for 30 years.

Remember and Believe…

Do you forget more often than you care to admit?

Have you ever thought of getting hand tattoos to keep your “prone to wander” heart on course?

What would your hand tattoos say right now, and why?

  • Heather Tiger

    I’ve really considered getting tattooes on my wrists…they would probably be a cross or some other symbol (I’ve considered the Celtic Knot!) like the infinity or scrolled heart, with the words faithful and Love or loving grace…Still not sure or brave enough!