My Meltdown

This afternoon I had a meltdown, I couldn’t even tell you why really.  I just remember losing all perspective and weeping my way home from preschool pickup.  So dramatic, so embarrassing.

For some reason I just couldn’t see the hope or the good, most of all in myself.

I was determined to figure out what caused my meltdown so I did what any normal person would do and had a good ol’ fashioned spider web brainstorming session on my chalkboard.

I’ve seen my children have meltdowns and I’ve had them myself.  The meltdown has a common thread, it’s a combination of a lack of perspective and a lack of understanding and above all a perceived hurt.

When I tell my kids that they can’t have another scone from the top of the fridge or yet another new bouncy ball at WalMart they get angry and lash out at me.  They don’t understand why I’m saying no.  I know that they’ll get sick from too much sugar and that we already have upwards of 10 balls at home, but they see me as a fun stealing tyrant.   These sort of meltdowns look ridiculous to me because I’m more mature than they are, I know what’s best, but their little world is legitimately melting and it hurts.

If a more mature person were to bear witness to my meltdown this afternoon, so riddled with self doubt and empty of faith, they would see it as I see my children’s fits, silly and needless.  But in my little world, I was hurting.

God is so faithfully growing and tending to my heart, how often I feel that strength and stability!  But, once in a while, on days like today, I plant my feet in toddler-like resistance and have an epic meltdown.

And after the kicking and the tears subside God is still standing there, shaking his head and reminding me of the truth.  Whispering who I am in him and untangling all the lies I’ve tied myself up in.

It’s so easy to let the meltdowns define us as crazy or incapable, but we have to remember that the bad days will come, they just will.  I will never cease being human and asking for another portion of grace from God and my family.

I’ve cried a thousand times today, my heart so tender.  My daughter ran up to me with concern, plying me with questions in her pure childlike desire to take away my pain.

She threw a tantrum over a scone and I threw one because I don’t believe I can live the life I’m called to.

I had grace for her tantrum and she had compassion for mine.  I’m the 30 year old parent and she’s the almost three year old little girl.  We both struggle and cry, we both stand in deep need of grace, and we both love each other within a relationship that cannot be severed.

And in that moment I wonder how I missed it, how I lost sight of it, and I pray with all that I am that God strengthens my soul so that I keep his truth and beauty forever in my minds eye.

My grace instructor who looks way too cute in a hat.

  • Joy

    Girl, I’m beginning to think that we are kindred spirits, you and I.
    This is so well written.
    I love what you wrote!
    On those rare occasions where I am able to escape to Target or the grocery store unaccompanied, as I am strolling down the isles without a care in the world, I will inevitably stumble upon a frazzled mother and a screaming toddler. When this happens, I love to point out to the mama that, “We have all been there.” and “Can you blame her?! Sometimes I want to throw myself down on the floor kicking and screaming, but restrain my impulses in order to appear stable. But I am throwing an internal tantrum.” This response usually somewhat helps her look of desperation.
    Thanks for this!
    Happy Friday!

    • Sarah Martin

      Keep going…it’s ok to have meltdowns, but get back up and keep going!

      • leannepenny

        Thanks friend, you are my best cheerleader!

    • leannepenny

      I agree – so glad I found you online!

      and I think that you are a God Send to those mamas in the store. I would love to run into you in the cereal aisle!

      • Joy

        Ha! You’re too kind!
        I spent waaaaaaay too long judging others, so I have a lot of grace to make up for! :)