Creativity in the cracks & A giveaway

This week has been insane, like someone peed on my comforter crazy.  Since it’s too big

for the washer it’s just chillin in the bathtub for now.

My beloved chalkboard fell off the wall, twice.

I made the kids homemade cookies and they crumbled them up and threw them at me, really.

Meet our cat, Alfred.

We got a cat, which is turning out to be more of a stress reliever than anything else, although right now he has to wear a cone so he’s not a huge fan of that.

Last Friday Kel announced officially that he wants to get his PhD, not someday but like, now, soon, ASAP.

So in the midst of the chaos, creative outlets have been keeping me sane, and for once in the three years since Noelle was born I don’t feel guilty about it.

I now realize that unleashing creative energy is part of the way I tick and tock, part of the the way I was created.  I have Jessica Heights of Muthering Heights to thank for this epiphany of creative freedom.

A few weeks ago she wrote a post about fitting in creativity into the cracks and suddenly I felt like there was another Mom out there who felt this need to create.

So this week my creative energy has taken then form of rag rugs, the art of transforming old sheets into lovely throw rugs.  I love to up cycle and transform so these rugs are a natural outlet for me.

The kiddos and I gather the materials together at garage sales and thrift stores and then I prep the sheets into strips while they play in the backyard.  Then I take a massive crochet hook and weave them into a cozy throw rug in the in-between moments.  The same moments where I do most of my writing these days.

So today I am giving you a piece of my sanity, in my favorite color, Aqua.  The color of my wedding, my dishes, my bedroom, my toenails and the office in which I sit.

This up cycled aqua rug wants to be under you.

This rug can be yours for the easy price of liking my Facebook page.

If you already like it, just get someone else to like it and write wall post that you referred them and then, wha-bam!  You’re both entered.

This giveaway will last all weekend until Sunday night at midnight, EST, because even though I live in CST, EST is my favorite time zone.

What’s your favorite time zone?

What creative outlet is keeping you sane?

Where in Ada can I take my comforter to de-pee it?

(Tons of comment fodder ^^^ no excuses, happy weekend!)

  • Jessica Heights

    Sweet!!!! Aqua is one of my favorite colors too. Your rug is adorable! :)

  • Brenna

    I know those crazy weeks! I have been trying to write all week and haven’t found more than 60 seconds to…..I have time today but I have a dear friend coming in to viist out of town. So the big decision…clean so I look like a halfway decent mom, or write so I can be halfway sane? Thanks for the reminder about taking time to be creative!

    BTW, do you have a laundramat nearby? They have nice oversized washers…….. :)

  • Brenna D (@chicagomama)

    Stinkin’ WordPress deleted my first comment…..urg :)

    Leanne, thanks for the reminder of making time for creativity….seems to be a theme today and on a week when I have felt as if I have had no time….good challenge to carve out the time for all of our sanity’s sake!

  • christine

    I’ve never been brave enough to attempt a rag rug but I feel compelled to try it after seeing yours. I second the laundromat suggestion–by all means, do not attempt to shove it all into your tiny washer and then hope for the best. I’ve, um, heard that doesn’t work so well. :)

  • Summer Page (@sickerthnothers)

    (I lost my first comment, because wanted me to log in.)
    What a great post. I love the idea of the rugs, their keeping you sane, and using what’s already there. (I am a strong repurposer myself) I think I may try making a couple for my kitchen, though I don’t know how to work a crochet hook. I smiled big at the visual of your children throwing cookies at you, because this sounds just like my children. Kids, man.

  • Denise Dilley (@denisedilley)

    What a cute rug! And my favorite time zone is EST! :)

  • Heather Tiger

    I’m partial to CST of course…. lol..Eastern drove me crazy while in KY..shows were so late! My creativity has been suffering and so has my sanity. We are still trying to figure out a doable schedule so I have some creative time built in, but I need to find more of it in the cracks. It’s just my darn perfectionist/procrastinator tendencies that keep me from starting stuff, bc ya know, if I can’t finish it and it won’t be perfect, why start?! Hope you have a pee-free-week of the comforter or any other furniture variety!