Organic and Organic and Alive

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Good morning from the windy city and the sweet blonde-oak table of my friends Jill & Josh’s amazing apartment.  For the past few days I’ve been blessed beyond measure to meet up with friends I have, up to this point, only known through words and pictures on a screen.

I’ve spent the last few days immersed in conversations about life, story, creativity and writing. I’ve been ruminating on the fact that when the speakers address the crowd as “creatives” I feel the liberation of a label, which is not usually the case with me and labels.

I have a blog re-design coming up (which I’m so excited to show you all) but one of the questions that my designer Hannah asked me was this:

Who are you stripped of profession, roles, geography, and association?

This question blew my mind but the best answer I Could come up with was:
“I would say I am a very natural person, I like things stripped bare and original and organic (yes I typed it twice).  I’m always digging for the original state and purpose of earth, food, relationships and people and then that’s how I believe they should be experienced.”

There’s quote that is on constant replay in my mind these days: “The Glory of God is Man, Fully Alive.” ~St. Irenaeus

So if I’m a creative who loves original intent,  I can trace that all the way back to the Garden where God spoke the future, everything into being.  Then he asked us to name his creation, to experience the essence of it all and then give it a name that embodies that essence, as best we can.  Wordsmiths with Adam from the beginning!

So I suppose I’m a creative and a namer.  I am one who is longing to wake up from the evenings of sedating myself with tv out of exhaustion and laziness, to go out and realize that this is not a dress rehearsal, but the only life that we have.

To get jazzed to name, create and be a storyteller.

I’m responsible for my little bag of talents, to spend and experiment with and multiply them for his Glory.

I pray that today you can own whatever it is that makes you feel fully alive, gardening, math, teaching, leading.  We need you fully alive, that’s how I want to meet up with you face to face.  To see your skin glow with the radiance of realize purpose and to meet eyes realizing that we are experiencing God stuff through each other.

Hunt through the bible and see what God has to say about your thing, I’m sure it’s in there, I’d love to hear about it.

T’Shuvah, repent and return, realize, refresh…. do your thing.

  • Stacy A

    Oh, Leanne, how I wish I could feel “fully alive.” I’m at a stage in my life where I feel anything but — tired, old, worn out, past all the good stuff. I don’t even remember how to embrace life, much less to do so “fully.” At least I know that God is with me even in this ebb tide time of life.

    • leannepenny

      Absolutely friend, please be strong and remember that this will move along. May it do so quickly.