31 Letters to My Mother {Day 3} Genetic Panty Problems

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Dear Mom,

I spent about an hour on the phone yesterday with Aunt Betsy, it’s always so nice to be able to catch up with her.

I told her about a hilarious story from last week, which involved me sending Noelle to school without panties on.  And of course she was wearing a skirt which only compounded the problem.

I had spent a few hours sewing her a new, tiered skirt in black and yellow prints. I was so excited to try it on her, it fit and looked adorable!  I raided her closet and found the perfect black top to complete the ensemble.  As I was getting her dressed I made a mental note to slip some panties on under the skirt.

The morning got away from me and as I ran outside, I staged a few pictures of her in the outfit so I could show off my first garment.

When Kel got to school he sent me frantic texts, Noelle has no underwear on!  

Luckily we were had a backup pair and the day continued on normally, with some laughter and a few moments where I shook my head and mumbled something about my priorities being backward.

Panties are more important than presentation, especially at preschool.

As I chatted with Aunt Betsy she filled me in on a similar situation with you and me.

Apparently when we were going to Baldwin Street CRC I marched up to the front of the sanctuary for children’s church.  Upon reaching the front I promptly lifted my dress to show the congregation my business.  You’d forgotten my panties too.

You must have been mortified.  How much time had to pass before you could laugh about it?

Aunt Betsy and I made a joke about how forgetting panties must be a genetic thing with us.

Then she was able to recall a time when Grandma Mac and some of her sisters had to turn around after walking to school in the snow because one of the girls had forgotten underwear.

So it must run on the Elenbaas side.

Perhaps we need a sign by our front door, where we keep our car keys:

STOP!  Is everyone wearing underwear?

Or: Keep Penny Parts Private!  Wear Underwear! 

Oh mom, this parenting this is a crazy dance and anyone who judges it without experience should be smacked upside the head.

I wish you were around to laugh and cry with me about forgotten panties, lost sleep and late night marriage fights.

Miss & Love you


  • http://addingaburden.com Jill – addingaburden.com

    Adorable. :-)

    • Duane Verkaik

      very cute – i do think i recall your mom telling me about that! Your mom always cracked me up – in a good way – she would laugh at herself

      • http://leannepenny.wordpress.com leannepenny

        Oh Aunt Ruth I love hearing that. Now that you mention it I remember that back then she didn’t take herself too seriously did she?

  • http://h2ochurch.tv Pam Worcester

    I can’t say that I ever forgot to put underwear on any of the boys, but Lily is still just 4 and there’s time for that to happen :) However, what did catch my eye was the phrase about if you’ve never had kids, don’t judge how I’m parenting. It always amazes me to have child psychologists that have never had kids! Seriously, how can they counsel children or counsel parents with parenting problems if they’ve never had kids!

    • Lucy

      Oh my gosh…you totally reminded me of a childhood memory of when I was in second grade and didn’t put underwear on under my school uniform! I was so shy back then and never told a single soul til now!

      • http://leannepenny.wordpress.com leannepenny

        Thanks for coming out with it here! I fell very honored now 😉

    • http://leannepenny.wordpress.com leannepenny

      That’s true. If it’s going to happen w anyone I think it’s girls, because boys always have pants / shorts on and so there’s less margin to forget the undergarments.

  • Sarah

    Love this Leanne. Made me laugh and cry all at once

    • http://leannepenny.wordpress.com leannepenny

      Oh Sarah, me too. Me too!

  • Shelley C.

    Thank you for sharing! Your writing about your mother compels me to be more forgiving of my own. You are helping me to remember to appreciate the good things & release the bad. Thanks for being real & giving me a different perspective on a very important relationship.