31 Letters to my Mother {Day 14} Crazy squirrel fire

Dear Mom,

This is a newsy letter, mostly an update about something that I’m sure you’d want to know about.

First a bit of backstory.  There have been some weddings on the Mac side since you passed away.  Katie married a great guy named Ryan, Adam married a lovely gal named Bethany, And this past summer Kellen married the beautiful Beverly, see?

So A) could Kellen LOOK any more like uncle Rick? and B) Isn’t Beverly beautiful?

So, that’s the wedding day, this past week I’m terribly sad to say that there was a fire in their apartment building!  And what’s worse is that it happened while they were asleep (they both work 3rd shift) something I know I’ve always feared.

Luckily they were able to stay on their toes and get themselves and their two cats out safely.


Families displaced by the fire, Kellen and Beverly’s big news debut

It’s terrible to imagine their new home and all their treasures being destroyed by the fire.

Thank God someone had the good sense to bring them Starbucks.  I hope it’s a salted caramel mocha… for their sakes.

Also I’m told we are fully allowed to give Kellen crap about his use of the word artifact.  We’re praying that most of their belongings are still museum quality.

And then the next day, we all got this news:

Crazy news story about the fire!

HOLLAND TOWNSHIP, MI — A Holland Township fire that heavily damaged an apartment complex was started by a resident using a propane torch to remove a squirrel’s fur, Fire Chief Jim Kohsel said.

Kohsel said the resident was using a propane torch on a deck on the third floor of Clearview Apartments when the deck caught fire about 12:29 p.m. Wednesday. The resident was removing the squirrel’s fur in preparation to eat the animal, the chief said.

I talked on the phone to Aunt Betsy last night and she told me that the apartment complex has another apartment almost ready for Kellen and Beverly.  The firefighters have not yet declared their building structurally sound enough for them to check out the damage.

We are all praying that it is graciously minimal.

So in conclusion:  Fire in Kellen & Bev’s apartment, terribly sad:

 Life on Earth?  Still crazy.

Love you, Miss you,


  • http://twitter.com/Vaderalman Mark Allman (@Vaderalman)

    For wanting the lack of squirrel fur the torch was lit
    For wanting to do it quick no protection was on the deck
    For wanting to burn it fast the deck caught fire
    For wanting supper now the apartment burned down
    And all for wanting the lack of fur