31 Letters to My Mother {Day 16} 23 Thank Yous

Dear Mom,

This summer the summer olympics were held in London.  There were some incredibly touching commercials about the sacrifices that the athlete’s moms made to get them to the top.

So I thought I’d make you a list of 23 ways you loved and sacrificed for me, because every mom needs one.  If I won a gold medal, I’d thank you on the stand.

1) For giving birth to me
2) For taking the time to nurse me even when it wasn’t “the norm.”
3) For reading all those books to me when I was little.
4) For sewing me that clown costume for halloween.
5) For warm muffins on the rug.
6) For teaching me how to play peanuts and make gun wrapper chains.
7) For rubbing my hair when I was scared at night.
8) For making me coconut cream pie with candles in it for my birthday because I didn’t like cake.
9) For hauling me to choir practice 30 minutes away every week for years.
10) For sneaking in to put vaseline on my sore nose because I hated the feeling of it when I was awake.
11) For packing me Dutch chocolate sprinkles on bread in the fourth grade.
12) For driving me to Toronto to see Phantom of the Opera.
13) For picking me up for an emotional day off when the high school girls were mean to me.
14) For your sense of humor at the secretary of state’s office when we went to get my driver’s license.
15) For using your work bonus to buy Laura and I electric blankets one Christmas because you worried we were too cold. (Then we were too hot)
16) For rolling 100s of meatballs for my graduation open house.
17) For helping Dad set up my first apartment while I worked 3 jobs.
18) For buying me flowers on secretary’s day when my boss didn’t
19) For driving out to our apartment to hang out by the pool with me even though I know you hated the 131 /196 interchange.
20) For flying down to meet Noelle after she was born even though you were terrified.
21) For taking me out for a pedicure even though I was terribly worried you couldn’t afford it.
22) For always offering me forgiveness.
23) For sending cash in the mail when I told you that Another co-pay was straining my budget.

I love you, I miss you,


  • Misti N.

    My mom is still living but struggling with depression among other things, I struggle daily in my relationship with her.

    Reading your posts this month, I am inspired to do 30 days of thankfulness. For the month of November I will be texting her each day with a reason I’m thankful for her presence in my life.

    Thank you for your honesty and sharing. :)

    • http://leannepenny.wordpress.com leannepenny

      You’re so welcome. You’re In my thoughts and I hope your notes have an impact thru the depression.