Letters to my Mother {Day 17} Date Night

photo courtesy of http://kundhicreative.com

Dear Mom,

Tonight was Kel’s birthday and we got the chance to go out together, just the two of us.

We drank and we chatted about life, jobs and of course our kids.

We quizzed each other on what dream vacation we would most like to go on these days.

In case you’re interested mine consists of a hut on the beach with some reading, some loving, some sleeping and some walks on the beach.  Generally tons and tons of peace and quiet.  This would be my bliss right now as peace is hard to come by.

As we sat and chatted I thought about you and Dad and your Burger King dates in the parking lot overlooking the hill by the highway.  Just the two of you in a mini van, on a date, just like Kel and me tonight.

I always imagined the two of you on your dates, with triangle boxes of Hershey Pie and styrofoam coffee cups in hand.  You would chat about the kids, the bills and all sorts of things I’m not privy to know about.

Marriages have their own customs, their own languages and their own struggles.  Even being your daughter, perhaps especially being your daughter, I will never truly know the depths or nuances of you and Dad.

I always thought your BK dates were the epitome of lameness.  Now I sort of get it, at least it’s a date, time spent with the one you love.  Who cares where you are if there’s space to chat and to be “just the two of you?”

Tonight it was Drinks and fries for us, but I could see it being a stroll with hot chocolate or a trip to Lowes to buy a new mower blade.  Whatever and wherever we find the space for us.

Because when you’re young it’s the “what” isn’t it?  It’s the name of the restaurant and the caliber of the food.  But, when the tight seasons come it ceases to be about the what and becomes all about the who.

Who cares what?  I just want to be us, just us, laughing wisely with an excitement that still feels brand new.

Not spending more than we have but realizing we’re rich beyond compare because we have the treasure of each other.  We know something so many others miss in their selfish busying.

Oh Mumma, I still have no clue how heaven works, but I sincerely hope you and Dad are sharing lots of pie and coffee.

I miss you, I love you,


  • http://twitter.com/Vaderalman Mark Allman (@Vaderalman)

    This it Leanne,
    To be in each others shadow is the place you want to be. That is the place. It does not matter what is making those shadows or even if you can see them. Love that matters is like that. It flourishes when you are together wherever.