Letters to my Mother {Day 18} So we’re 30

Dear Mom,

Every mother has her day where she wakes up and her baby is 30.

Your day would have come this past January, and then Kel, your son in law turned 30 on Tuesday.

So, we’re 30 now. And to tell you the truth I’m fine with being on the other side of my 20s.

For me the 30s are when you come into your own, feel comfy in your own skin, and gain immeasurable amounts of grace.

We spend our 20s blaming our patents for our issues and baggage.

We spend our 30s realizing they were people just like us. Trying their level best to live and love well.

Not everyone, but many are just exhausted broken people operating out of and in spite of their struggles.

30 year old me is so much more gracious and forgiving than 28 year old me was.

She knows life isn’t black and white. She’s a bit more gentle and likes who she’s becoming.

She trusts more and doubts a bit less.

I wish I could have extended some of this grace to you.

I wish I could have read your birthday card on my birthday.

I miss talking to you on Sunday afternoons.

I love you, I miss you



  • http://sistersunderthetrees.wordpress.com SFriant

    Just love these letters. Thank you for writing them. Thank you for sharing them. Just, thank you.

    • http://leannepenny.wordpress.com leannepenny

      Absolutely, so glad they’re helping others.

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