31 Letters to my Mother {Day 25} Silliness and Dancing Mummys

Dear Mom,

Well I’m sick, I feel like a puddle on the floor. Still the duties of motherhood beckon.  So I get up and warm the milk, change the diapers, cover bodies with blankets and simmer oats.

I’d really like to crawl in bed and sleep for a few days or at least read a book and drink tea without interruption.

In addition being physically sick, Kel and I have being going through some seriously discouraging and trying times on another front.  It seems as though every day brings another string of discouragement and demands an extra measure of perseverance.

And Mom, God has been crazy good at suppling us with measure after measure of love and strength.  Another day, another scoop of grace, so sustaining and needed.

Today was no exception, I dragged Noelle and I out the front door and to Walgreens for a jumbo pack of Toilet Paper and some Chicken soup.  I may have also splurged on some halloween nail polish.  I’m only human after all.

  That’s when Noelle and I saw it, the dancing mummy.  She pressed the button and it began to wave it’s little linen arms to the rhythms of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”

I grinned, so did several shoppers who passed by.  Noelle pressed it again, and again.

She turned to me and grinned: “I like this dancing guy mommy!”

To tell you the truth…. so did I.  And I’m not usually one for knickknacks or tacky decor.  And I’m definitely not one to make unplanned $15 splurges on dancing dolls at Walgreens.

Yet something about this dancing mummy, did it for me.  So I put him in the cart and we named him Jackson.

We brought him to Kel’s work and left him on his desk with a note that said:

“A little something to make you laugh when life feels like a Zombie Attack”

Because sometimes the waves keep coming fast and hard, sometimes life is so overwhelming and out of your control that all you can do is laugh.

And those days, a goofy, dancing mummy is just the ticket.  A goofy note is just the encouragement you need.

So that’s life today,

I love you, I miss you


PS: I doubt that mummy will stay at Kel’s work long, Noelle has been begging for him since we left him on the desk.  So I guess a crappy recording of “Thriller” will be our soundtrack for the next week.

  • http://twitter.com/carinskarin Annette Skarin (@carinskarin)

    One thing I LOVE is someone who dares to have a fun sense of humor. Keep it up and keep us rolling. Laughter really is good medicine.