31 Letters to my Mother {Day 26} Mumma, I’m siiiiiiick

 Dear Mumma,

I’m sick.  And not the pretend kind I was as a kid but the real, achey, fevery, can’t sit upright kind.

Remember when you told me that I would eventually have to suck it up when I’m sick to survive in the adult world?

I do that, I do that a lot.  Probably more than I should.

It’s an amazing challenge being a sick mom, because for the most part little kids don’t care how you’re feeling.  It’s truly unfair, not only is there no one to take care of you, you actually have to take care of others too.


Although I have a posse taking care of me today.  Kel is a huge help, even though he didn’t sleep himself last night. Then there is the cat who always has his eye on me.  He even follows me to the bathroom.

Then there’s Noelle who wants to help in mom-care department. She brings me water with a straw and rubs my face while I try to sleep.  She also insists that I play with a little cat jingle bell, she thinks that will help.

It does make me laugh, so I guess it can’t hurt. We play kitty 27 hours a day right now, it’s pretty amazing. She looks so grown up Mom, you’d be amazed.

I wish you could come make me homemade chicken soup.  I wouldn’t even give you crap about using both dark and white meat, I’m over it.

I’m sorry I was such a snot about being sick when I was a kid, I get it now, life does not revolve around me.

Although today it sort of seems to revolve around my limitations, which are many.  I can’t believe I managed to write you with a fever of 102.  See, I told you… I’m a Bad A*# now.

Okay I can’t stand to be vertical any longer, plus the cat keeps trying to drink my sprite and Noelle is running around without panties.

Love you, miss you Mumma.


  • http://addingaburden.com Jill – addingaburden.com

    Laughing that Noelle is without panties again! This is getting to be an epidemic in your house. 😉 For serious, I can’t believe you blogged while so sick. Mad props to you and a big virtual hug. May your kids watch TV quietly this evening and then sleep all the way through the night. Feel better. xo

    • http://leannepenny.wordpress.com leannepenny

      Thank you. We’re hanging in there, The panties thing… we’ll figure it out. 😉