Climbing and Dancing (This one’s for Kel)

Hey Love,

I’ve lost track of the times that you’ve talked me off a ledge of anxiety and worry, how many times you’ve gone to get me kleenex because I’m too snotty to weep or rant anymore.

Life has seemed like a series of uphill climbs lately eh? Times where we see another mountain up ahead before we’ve even figured out how to tackle the cliffs at hand.

I know we are both weary love, I fear I’m relying on you too much with this whole pneumonia thing, (or whatever it is the doctors decide I have going on)

I hate relying on others, coming to terms with the inevitable mountains of laundry I simply can’t spare the energy to fold.  This trusting and relying thing gets in the way of my stubborn pride, maybe it’s supposed to.  We’re called to lean, to love, to rely in fever and in frustration.

I hate being an extra drain on you in an already challenging season. I want to be superwoman today, not the pale, coughing wheezy thing that you’re bound to wake up to.

When you do wake up I will grab your hand, and try to catch your sleepy eyes with my purple, baggy ones.

I will remind you that as weary as we are, that I am on your team. That I love you and that as flighty as I was yesterday, as many fears and worries as I spouted, that I still have Faith in today, in tomorrow, in whatever it just around the corner for the four of us.

I believe in the Us that God is shaping us to be
In the Us that we were all young and giddy on our wedding day
In the Us we were when we looked at each other in disbelief over those brand new babies
In the Us that we are when we fall asleep holding hands or laughing about something ridiculous.

When you get home from another day of busy meetings and appointment, if I am still awake after the kids go to bed, let’s dance together you and I.

Let’s steal time and let our bodies feel free until our souls catch on.

This is just now, just a season, may we resolve our faith, dance our dance and never forget that we are on the same team.

Oh Baby, I love you today, I love you when your hair turns gray, when your shoulders are weary with the burdens of ministry, when you give me a hard time, when you bring home pizza and when you whip up something from scratch.

I love you just as you are, believe it, or else.