Our Children, God’s Eyes

My three year old beauty

My best friend and I always used to laugh about how when it came to kids, she wanted all girls and I wanted all boys.  Even in my early twenties I  was anxious at the thought of being the mother of a daughter.

But here I am, the Mother of a three year old little girl who looks a lot like my husband Kel, yet acts so much like me.  She is full of more energy than she can manage and her creativity astounds me.  Lately I’ve been devoting hours of my week to worrying about her being bound to repeat all my hurdles, all my pain.

There is a corner of my heart that is still convinced that History is going to repeat itself in her, in me.  I hate this truth but it does no good to deny it.

80% of her day is spent pretending to be a kitty, and I have to remind her over and over again that I don’t speak kitty so she needs to use people words.

I bought her a set of wooden stringing beads this weekend so that she could play with color patterns and learn to work the lacing string through the holes.  She has no interest in stringing them and instead takes her shoe and fills it with the beads, zooming it around, pretending they are puppies in a rocket ship.

Lately I’ve been finding myself asking “is that normal?” over and over again.  I spend countless moments worrying that the way she is playing indicates an internal problem that will hold her back in life.  I scan other children at birthday parties comparing behaviors, wondering: “Is she going to be okay?”

But, what if the only fruit of this worrying is her learning to feel abnormal or “all wrong?”  What if she wonders if she’s loved just as she is?  Or feels like a burden or bother in her own home?

Well that just won’t do.

I can’t make sure that she’s an academic whiz or a soccer all star or the diva of the choir room.  But I can do everything in my power to teach her, show her that she is loved just as she is.  I can help her learn to channel her energy into passion and find systems to make sure she gives attention where it’s needed the most.

I will advocate for her, whatever comes down the road, set her up for success, but most of all I want to make sure that she leaves our home knowing that she is Beloved.

She is a child of God and He is the One who poured into her all the life force I worry about harnessing properly.  He wove the world together to thrill and delight her, and I’m here not to worry, but be the hands and feet of love and direction in her life.

May we all be able to see our children with these eyes, God’s eyes.

May we love them for the people he created them to be and may our prayers be filled  with requests for more wisdom and understanding of how he wants us to nurture them.

May we teach them thankfulness and delight by showing thanks and wonder over his Creation in a way that is so authentic that it’s contagious.

May we all worry a bit less about what exactly normal looks like and spend more time loving our children just as we find them today.

  • http://sophiakapcia.wordpress.com Sophia Kapcia

    Well said, that is our mission as parents to give our children adequate nurturing and accept them for who they are.

    • http://leannepenny.wordpress.com leannepenny

      Amen, I want to love my children as the are while being God’s voice of guidance at the same time… I want them to fulfill his purpose and this means I may have to change myself.

      • Heather Tiger

        Noelle is exactly as she is supposed to be; beautiful, wonderful, creative, and original (along with many more things.) You are a wonderful mother who provides love, grace, opportunity, nurture, guidance, and freedom to be who they are. I’ve seen all that first hand and hope to emulate some of your greatness! I find myself getting in the comparison trap not only with myself, but with the boys too, and you are right, all it does is damage the fragile, beautiful souls of our children (and us). I pray we both sharpen our God vision when it comes to our kids, husbands, others, and ourselves! Thanks for your honest insight.

        • http://leannepenny.wordpress.com leannepenny

          YOu are so welcome and I am so thankful for your warm, kind words!

      • http://sophiakapcia.wordpress.com Sophia Kapcia

        My thoughts and aim as well but it is a mammoth task. Let’s pray for each other ok.

    • http://www.missbananapants.com Michelle

      I think we all go through those moments when we think, “Is my child “special” or is this normal?” I’ve had many of those, especially with the oldest. It’s good to talk to others and hear them say, “YES, mine did something similar!” Almost makes you wipe your brow in relief that your kids tendency to act like a kitty or only eat his skittles/M&Ms/fruit snacks in a very particular color order are not causes for concern. They are cute little quirks and fuel for future embarrassing graduation stories. :) Love this post!

      • http://leannepenny.wordpress.com leannepenny

        Thanks friend, I love the way you think!