The one where I give away my hair (and get so much out of it)

I had a friend in high school who believed that a woman’s hair is her God-given beauty.

I always marveled at the moment in Little Woman where Jo reveals that she chopped her hair off and sold it to purchase a train ticket.  “How could you?  Your one beauty!”

Long hair is the thing right now, I always admire women with their perfectly coiffed locks and adorable up-dos.  Most of the women you see in movies or on the red carpet have a gorgeous mane, or at least a wig that looks gorgeous.

I’ve been growing my hair out for two years and I honestly thought that I would leave it long for the next ten years.  I’ll leave it long while I still have it to flaunt!

But here’s the thing, I have a ton of hair, I’m like in the 98% of women for thickness and amount of follicles per square inch.  There is just SO MUCH OF IT.  The healthy oils from my scalp struggle to get to the ends and it breaks and tangles.

And those curled coifs?  I don’t have time for them, I just don’t.  I want to look posh and gorgeous but I would rather read or write or go for a walk.

And those fabulous up-dos?  The sock bun?  The top knot?  They all fall down within two hours because they don’t make a bobby pin or sock elastic strong enough for ALL. THIS. HAIR.

Then I started the series Once Upon a Time and I saw the Mary Margaret haircut…

……and my jaw dropped.

“God that’s a cute hair cut” I said out loud to myself…. alone in a room.

Then I got to thinking, which led to pondering and some texting and tweeting.

The texting led to scheduling, which came to fruition this morning with my dear friend and stylist Emily.

I walked in like this:

Then I lost all of this

why am I a little grossed out by this… it was on my head just moments before.

Then I did some of this:

everyone needs a little paperback action once in a while

And walked out like this

This is my: “Hey I’m done having the hair I should have, I’m gonna have the hair that I want, the hair I can live with”

This is my: “God I need a fresh start” (What is it with haircuts and fresh starts?)

This is my: “I want to look cute in my own time frame”

This is also my: “Yes, In face I AM sassy, sexy and intelligent (usually).”

And a much added benefit, Locks of Love is going to make a wig (or two) for a child or young adult who has cancer but can’t afford a wig.

This is a win/win if ever there was one.

And seriously, no freak outs or meltdowns.  I love this hair.

  • Deborah Evans

    Love it!!! Beautiful gift and beautiful story!

    • Caris Adel (@CarisAdel)

      OMG LEANNE!!!!!!! That looks amazing on you. I was trying to picture what it would look like, and dang, that is way better than what I even thought! Nice!! What does the hubby think?

      • swiftandbeautiful

        So, so, so awesome! I love it! I did the same thing and almost the exact same cut to my hair about a year ago – I was terrified I was making a big mistake, but the minute I saw it in the mirror, I knew I had found The One. Additionally, I was shocked – SHOCKED – at the amount of compliments I got in the days and weeks following (not the reason why I did it, but it’s nice to have confirmation that you don’t look like one of the Monkees).

        You look absolutely gorgeous.

        • Mark Allman (@Vaderalman)

          Looks great. My daughters have done this. I have always like long hair on women and I have a friend that often reminds me “it’s just hair”. :)

          • leannepenny

            Thanks! Kel adores short hair so he’s ecstatic

        • leannepenny

          Lol! I know exactly what you mean!

      • leannepenny

        He’s thrilled with it, he loves short hair!

  • Addie Zierman

    Cute! Go you!

  • hopefulleigh

    SO CUTE!!
    I am totally taking credit for this. 😉

    • Anne

      Okay, I am DYING to know how you get the credit for a pixie cut! :)

      • hopefulleigh

        I peer pressured her into watching Once Upon a Time!

        • leannepenny

          And I’m so glad you did! For serval reasons!

  • Anne

    I love it! You look FAB. :)

  • Jill –

    Looks amazing! Also I really like the industrial vibe of that salon!

  • Annette Skarin

    It frames your face beeyoutifully dahling! You’ve also set an example for many others, to give to those in need, the dignity of having hair. Thank you for doing that.

    • leannepenny

      Oh my heart! Thank you dear!

  • Rebecca Roberts

    Gorgeous!! Move aside Mary Margaret!

    • Joy

      Love it! You look beautiful!

  • jamiekocur

    So cute! And easy!

    I’m with you. I love long hair and would love to do all the cute curls and updos but I just don’t do hair. And also like you, it’s thick and crazy and I need a billion bobby pins to get it to stay. It always ends up in a ponytail or bun.

    I also like my hair short and have donated my hair to Locks of Love three (four?) times. Last time i cut cut my hair was last December. I figure I’ll grow it out again and repeat the process. That way I can enjoy both long and short hair. And cute kids get wigs. Win win.

  • Heather Tiger

    Love, love, love it! I did locks of love once and it was such a good feeling. Of course I can’t do it now, with my two-tone hair. Meh. I think someone out there wants a two-tone wig, no? I have always wanted to pull off a pixie cut but have never been brave enough, so bravo! Oh, the time you will save, and of course how hot you look!

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