Christmas Cookie Exchange Announcement (my first blog link-up)


If your family is like mine, you have a thousand Christmas memories, many of which center around the dining room table or plate of treats shared with warmth and laughter.

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas for you without the results of these recipes that are tucked as tightly into your heart as they are into your overflowing recipe box.

My Dad loved Christmas, he didn’t go overboard on much, but when it came to Christmas cookies, once a year he would turn our kitchen into a cookie factory.

He made Snickers Surprises, Mrs Fields with M&Ms, Corn Flake Wreaths, Almond Pies and my Grandma’s sugar cookies, brushed with an egg wash and topped with colored icing and sprinkles.

He did it all in one day, batch after batch, using our garage as a cooling room.  There were card tables overflowing with cookies cooling on newspaper.  I’m not sure my Dad even know that cooling racks existed.

He often gave me the job of “shucking the snickers” which was to essentially sit at the table and unwrap about a hundred bite size snickers bars so he could shove them into a ball of peanut buttery dough.

On my worst Christmases I’ve found comfort in making my Dad’s cookie recipes.  For me there are always a few tears of grief in the batter, but when I sit down with a plate of his cookies I feel the tug of all the Christmas that have gone before.

It’s one of the most bittersweet moments of my year.

I bet that you have these heirloom recipes as well, the things that you make year after year.  As you do I bet that you share the stories and memories of the people whose hands taught yours to mix, roll and bake these ingredients into reality.

I love stories and memories, I could sit all day and listen to you talk about your heirloom recipes and family memories.  Because the heritage in these bites goes so deep into our souls that it’s mixed into our DNA.

A part of me can be found in these cookies.

A part of you can be found in your Grandpa’s almond bars or your mom’s chocolate pie.

So would you share these stories and memories with us?

So I’m cordially inviting you to a blog-wide Christmas Cookie Exchange, it’s my first Blog Link-Up, so I’m a little nervous, but like.. nervous excited.

I wish we could actually share a cup of cocoa and share but since there are likely miles between us, lets try the next best thing.

Here’s the info:

On Friday December 7 I’ll write a post about my favorite holiday recipe with a link up option so that you can join in.

Write your own post On December 7 or sometime shortly thereafter and link up with us!  Use the #cookieexchange hashtag to make connecting even easier.

Share your favorite holiday recipe with ingredients and clear instructions. It can be sweet or savory, it’s not cookie specific.

Tell us the story of why it’s so special, where did it come from, who passed it along to you?

Take pictures while you make it, do it at home or go to Grandma’s house, get your kids and friends involved.  These lovely recipes are made for sharing my friends.

I can’t wait to share stories and make new memories with you, eek!  I hope you join in.

  • katgustafsson

    Such a fun idea!

    • leannepenny

      Thanks Kat! I hope you’ll join in!

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  • Joy

    I don’t win any friend of the year awards on this one! I’m so sorry that I didn’t follow up and participate. I can give you 2,346 reasons why but I’ll save it and just say, “I’m sorry.” You’re amazing. Not only as a writer but as a mother, wife, friend… I learn so much from you. Thank you for letting me share in your journey. Love you! Joy

    • leannepenny

      Oh Joy, thank you for this, it made me smile from ear to ear, don’t sweat the cookie thing. We Cool 😉

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