Thieves and Curve Balls (A Guest Post by Sarah Crisp)

Today I’m honored to host a guest post by my new friend Sarah Crisp.  Sarah is a  wife, mom, pianist, blogger, and writer from my former home, Kentucky.

Sarah has a gorgeous, two part story to share about the tender and painful journey of loss from being the victim of a robbery.  I hope that you tune in here and then head over to her site to finish it up!

I never thought I would attest to understanding in full the verse that says, “Do not store up treasures on earth where thieves break in and steal (Matthew 6:19).” It’s not something I was even worried about or prepared for.

So often, life takes a curve ball.

March 2009

March 2012

My husband and I are big time University of Kentucky basketball fans. We started early in our marriage going to games together and every spring going to the SEC basketball conference. It gave us an excuse to go somewhere different and root on our team.

In March 2009, we were very excited to be going to Tampa, Florida. We made extra plans to visit Bryan’s sister and her family in Fair Hope, Alabama prior to going to Tampa. In Dave Ramsey fashion, we had our trip money via cash. All that was left was to drop off our Collie at a friend’s house who would keep him while we were gone.

When we returned from dropping off our dog we came home ready to leave.

“Did you take the money from the table?”

“What money”, I asked?

“The money for our trip”, my husband said with a please say you took it tone.

When we left we noticed our teenage neighbor watching us leave. She was as usual up to no good. It didn’t take us long to realize we were victims of a robbery.

We were scared to leave, and yet so scared not to leave. Our entire trip had been planned and we had looked so forward to the week ahead.

Tampa Florida 2009

We decided to go. We tried to make the best of our trip but the thought of what happened did loom over our very long drive to Alabama.

We returned from our trip and life went on. We were cautious about our neighbor, but we had no evidence to convict her. The cops that had visited the day of the robbery were unable to get any fingerprints. If only I hadn’t touched the door handle he said.

We tried to dwell on the blessings God gave us. It was only money that was taken, not any personal items.

Telling my family I would be a Mother on Mother’s Day 2009 (Sarah and her Mother-in-law, Annelle)

The months that would pass were filled with great joy finding out I was pregnant. Something I didn’t think was even possible. The robbery was behind us.

In mid July of the same year, I was in a hurry running late for a Bible study. I got a couple miles down the road and realized I had left my phone at home. I had this wash of worry about going back home to get it. I can’t really describe it. I insisted on instead getting to the Bible study.

When I arrived home around 9 pm I couldn’t find my phone which I distinctively remember leaving it charged in the kitchen. I glanced at the sofa where I had left my laptop and noticed it was gone as well.

I knew it had happened again.

Please read Part two to this post for the surprising ending.

What curve balls have you experienced in your own life, that you weren’t prepared for?