What I’m Into (November kind December edition)

69465_522123663967_618040025_n An amazing blog friend of mine, Leigh Kramer, is hosting a “What I’m Into” Blog Link Up.  I try to do these once a month or so because the simple and every stuff of life is a nice break and I like to pretend you’re super interested into what I’m into.

This weekend we needed to get outa town, so we headed up to Oklahoma City to the Hampton Inn in Bricktown, which is a lovely hotel complete with a splash pool designed for younger kids.  I didn’t spend a second on the sidelines, I went down the tiny water slide per Caedmon’s request and stood under the waterfall mushroom with Noelle.

In the evening the we snuggled up with our kids on the king bed and they fell asleep in  395153_522112675987_1483865209_nfront of Ice Age after we shared a pint of Rocky Road.  The next day Kel and I got to do some shopping just the two of us at Whole Foods, Sprouts and Petsmart.

It’s the little things these days, like fancy sea salt and a new litterbox for the cat called the Litter Dome.  I’m not sure if he should poop in it or cage fight other cats, but either way it hides his nasty business so I’m happy.

In the Kitchen– So per some doctor’s orders over the past month we’ve been switching our family to the Paleo lifestyle to see if it helps us out with some medical stuff.  So far I can honestly tell you that I don’t really miss bread, ask me again next week though.

So as far as recipes, I don’t have many to share, but of course we will be cooking some totally NON-Paleo Christmas cookies this week for the Cookie Exchange Link Up.

On my Nightstand– I just bought myself Spirit Led Parenting and Love and Logic Magic  For The Early Years.  So I’ll be diving into some parenting reading soon.

This month I finished Summer People and Nantucket Nights by Elin Hilderbrand, and I’ve started on What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty.  Although now I can’t find it and it’s a Library book so… blah.

On our TV– I have been (as per usual) DVR-ing Chopped, Restaurant Impossible and The Next Iron Chef Redemption (Who are you rooting for?  I can’t decide between Alex guarnaschelli and Amanda Freitag) And I haven’t watched last nights episode so if one of them goes home don’t tell me)

Also, we have been rapidly catching up on Once Upon a Time, this is the reason I chopped all my hair off, I truly feel as though it was a God thing.  Yes, I’m still loving the pixie cut.

On the Blog- The top three posts on the blog this past month were:

The one where I cut my hair (and get so much out of it) – I never knew so many people would care about my hair.  You guys made me burst on the inside.

The Thanksgiving that almost wasn’t (or the one where I get smacked with truth and it hurts)– Thank you all so much for sharing your Thanksgiving stories and being honest about where you are with gratitude.

Kid Questions, Suicide & railing against a WalMart Christmas– “May we be the ones who rail, RAIL against the thief that comes to steal and destroy the Christmas God’s trying to give us.”

In my headphones– I’m not very much fun on music this month, it’s been too insane around here to hunt for new tunes.  So I’ve been re-listening to “Some Nights” by Fun because it feels like a battle cry of sorts and “Babel” by Mumford and Sons.

We’ve also been rocking SortaCrunchy’s Christmas Music List on Spotify

On my crochet hook- I am working on a time consuming, yet gorgeous, bobble scarf as a Christmas gift, but since this month has brought precious little down time, it isn’t growing as I’d like it to.

Christmas corners around the Casa.

Christmas corners around the Casa.

 Around Our Home– I’ve spent the past few weeks getting ready for Christmas, here are a few of my favorite nooks and crannies from top to bottom, left to right.

First our Christmas tree grove, all lit up and lovely.

Secondly the newly hung antique mirror and window that I salvaged which is being used to showcase my new Christmas wreath.

Then there’s my stovetop potpourri, which can be found here and should be made immediately.

Finally, candlelight, wine and ornaments displayed in milk glass.  Enough said.

Alright, that’s what I’ve been into, what about you?