2012 (A year in review)

You guys, another year is officially in the books.

Kel and I spent the last few minutes of 2012 flipping through photos and reminiscing on all that 2012 had held for us.

2013 is still young, only about 11 hours old to be exact, so I’d like to start it by sorting through the scraps of the past year.

I started out the year in a gas station bathroom , so right from the get go 2012 could only go up, perhaps I should never do that again.

When we got home I wrote about Trust and promptly forgot about it for the rest of the year.  I’m calling a do-over in 2013.  


Then just a few days later I went about the business of turning 30 and processing all that 30 years of me entailed.

Our little man turned one… like a gangsta… really.

In February I accidentally maimed a toy elephant while painting my son’s room and he became part of the family and taught us about hope. 

I shared the story of how I lost my Dad and you all responded in grace and love, just like I knew you would.

In March Kel and I took a weekend away in Beaver’s Bend Oklahoma which involved photo-copy-3some golf cart reading, a tow truck and a hot tub epiphany.  

In April I wrote about how Depression ≠ No Faith and you guys agreed, resoundingly I might add.  Things got a little viral around here, it was amazing, and that weekend over 2,000 people stopped by.

Then in May Noelle turned three and I wrote my first article on Relevantmagazine.com about Mother’s Day and a Hope that can Survive Death.  

In June I got a closet office in the kitchen and took you guys on a little tour.  

Later that month I told you about how I lost my Mom and your comments were overwhelming.  I loved you guys even more that day.

waiting on a homecoming

waiting on a homecoming

I spent July welcoming our sweet friend’s son Fetinet and owning the fact that I am mama chicken.

And my little brother Brian joined the Army.  

In August we made our summer trip to Michigan and hung out at Lake Michigan a bunch.

And we talked about Marriage for the week surrounding our anniversary.  Kel even chimed in for the first time. 

Our AC went out in Oklahoma, in August and we almost didn’t make it.

Later that month we got a cat named Alfred.  

And we talked about how grief sneaks up on you sometimes and hits like a rainstorm.

In September I walked away for a while to find some space.  And it was good, I’ll definitely do that again this year.

And I got to go to the STORY conference in Chicago to meet some fantastic friends and learn more than I could every process.

At the end of the month Kel’s best friend Andy got married to Katie and I sewed my first dress for Noelle.

photo copy 6

And October was the month that undid me, I wrote 31 letters to my Mom and drew closer to her in death than we ever were in life.  There was forgiveness and burdens were lifted.

Also my little brother graduated from the Army and we dressed up like a kitty and an elephant for Halloween.

In the middle of that somewhere I started writing for EpicParent.tv ‘s new blog EpicTot.  It’s been a slow beginning so feel free to pop over and show us some love.

I also had the privilege of sharing a bit of my story over at People of the Second chance.


November was overshadowed by an incredibly painful season as a ministry family, we fell

apart and wondered why.

We celebrated thanksgiving with friend, Kel fried a turkey, and to be honest we phoned it in a little so God smacked us later that weekend.

photo copy 7 And then I gave away my hair and felt so much lighter.  You guys approved.  (although if you could see the epic bedhead I’m current sporting…)

Christmas kept coming and we all agreed that we didn’t want a shiny walmart christmas, so we committed to small authenticity.

Then came the Newtown tragedy, we all wondered how to advent between “What the Hell” and “But God.”  We’re still wondering.

Then Caedmon cheered us up with a plunger, because God is awesome and mysterious like that.

We drove home for Christmas, we experienced the miracle of the bat jerky and ate onion rings off of a car antenna.

Then we said Merry Christmas and I decided to forget resolutions in favor of simply moving closer to the person God’s calling me to be.


Phew, it’s been a year.  Also last night I watched the Downton Abbey Christmas special.  I

don’t want to talk about it though.  What a horrible way to start 2013.

Thank you for being here in 2012, can we visit some more in 2013?  I would like that… alot.

Happy New Year Love.

  • http://rebootingworship.com/ Jamie Kocur

    Leanne, I hope to read your blog more regularly this year. I love your writing and your honest spirit. It’s so refreshing. Happy New Year!

    • http://leannepenny.wordpress.com leannepenny

      Thanks Jamie! Happy New Year right back at ya 😉

  • http://twitter.com/Vaderalman Mark Allman (@Vaderalman)

    Your blog was awesome in 2012 and I look forward to reading this year. Happy New Year.