mama said… mama said

So yesterday I had one of “those days.”  Not a red letter, life altering day, but the sort that makes you want to laugh and cry all at the same time because it just keeps taking a turn for the worse.

The sort when you want to tell total strangers that in light of your current circumstances you are terribly clever and intelligent.

The sort you want to tell a friend about, because it’s hilarious so long as you’re not in the middle of it.  So let’s have a coffee date shall we, and I’ll tell you about “that day I had.”

It will make you feel better about your life and I’m okay with this.  

The day started with a marriage spat, which set both Kel and I on edge.  He took the kids to the zoo and I headed off to the coffee shop to get some work done.

Afterwards I wanted to hit up Barnes and Noble to crack out on some new books.  But, I knew that browsing would turn to buying, which wasn’t in the budget.

But the library was free so I decided to head there.

photoBut, wait. I didn’t yet have an area library card and to get one I would need a new, Michigan driver’s license. This would require a trip to one of the worst places in the world, the Secretary of State’s Office (DMV).

So, I returned home to get the proper documents to get a new license so I could get a new library card.

There was a line out the door but I decided to brave it, I was kid free and I needed to jump this annoying hurdle so life could go on.  So I waited in line to take a number.  When I got up to the desk the lady checked over my documents and promptly told me that I lacked “proof of presence.”

I almost sassed off and told her that I was present… and that was proof.  But I refrained.

But she smugly sent me back home for either my original birth certificate or a passport, because my current documentation was inadequate.

I want to give up… but I was going to finish this dang it so I drove home to get my birth certificate, grabbed a little lunch and headed back with steely resolve.

Halfway there I realized that in the act of getting lunch I’d left the bloody birth certificate on the counter at home.  I plopped my head on the steering wheel so loud that the horn made a short, angry honk.

I turned back around, AGAIN and walked back into the house AND grabbed my BC off the counter and drove back to the office…. again.

Walked in, took a number, waited… read my book.. waited… people watched… waited… and finally it was my turn! I walked up the the desk breathless… and I GOT. MY. NEW. LICENSE!

So, off to the library with me!  I giddily strolled the aisles and searched the catalogs, collecting books for our family.


my library haul

While I was there I signed the kids up for a summer reading program and told the Children’s library all about my friend Hannah’s upcoming children’s books.

I walked out of that library feeling like the queen of the world and toting many titles that I was sure would have been wait listed.

Just one more stop to make before I could head home and put my feet up on the couch with a book just before a planned stroll with a friend.

I breezed through the store collecting all the necessary ingredients for our enchilada dinner and even remembered a few things we were running low on.

Nothing was standing between me, a new book and a glorious evening.

I checked out and headed to the car, but wait… my keys…. where were they? CRAP!  I franticly searched through my bags, hoping that the keys would be there but alas, no.

I called Kel to tell him that I was going to stroll the store and try to find my keys.  He told me to keep him informed, but just as we hung up my phone died.  Double Crap.  I walked up to the service desk to see if anyone had found my keys, the service clerk told me that yes they had and placed them in my palm. Hooray!

Just one problem, they weren’t my keys.  (insert expletives galore)

I walked up and down every aisle, twice, and my keys were no where to be found.

So I went back out to my locked car and just stared at it.  Now Effing What? My only choice was to walk back inside, borrow their land line, call Kel and have him wake Caedmon from his nap to bring me a spare key.

Or sit on a bench and cry.

Just as I resolved myself to this, a stranger rolled down his window and asked if I was okay.

No, I wasn’t okay, I was having one of “those days” and nothing seemed to be working.

He offered his phone and his wife offered me a ride home.  They were in town with both kids in tow, on vacation from Up North.

I decided to go for it and I loaded my condensating groceries into the back of a stranger’s black Denali, thanking them profusely as I gave directions to our house.

They dropped me off and helped get my groceries to my front porch, God bless them.  Angels that family…

I had just changed clothes for my walk when my friend Rebecca arrived at our front door, along with her kids on bikes.

Noelle wanted to come along and ride her new bike so we got her ready and opened the garage to discover that her new bike had a very flat tire.

Of course it did.

So she sadly consented to just walk with us and as we left the driveway Kel called out, asking me if I had bought the enchilada sauce… you know… for the dinner he was making.

“Nope! I forgot!  Because it’s today and of course I did!”

So that’s my bad day, and my keys were locked in the car by the way.

What’s one of your worst day stories?  Everyone has em.  

  • Natalie Hart

    Oh, wow. Now that I know the story behind that lovely stack of books, I’m impressed at your sticktoitiveness. I have a habit of locking the keys in a running vehicle. I’ve blocked out the story of entire days when each little thing goes wrong, although I have them, for sure. When my kids were 3 and 1, I locked them in the van while it was running in February and locked myself out of the house; however, I left my backpack out of the van and my phone had just enough charge left to call the fire department (they will help you only if the kids are in the vehicle). A few months ago, I took the kids plus a friend each to Sky Zone, where we waited 30 minutes and then jumped for an hour. When it was time to go, I couldn’t find my keys. Frantically searched my pockets, my bag, asked the desk, and then went to the van in desperation: van was running, doors were locked. For 90 minutes. Had to call my husband to leave work, go home to get the extra keys, and unlock the van. I’ve also had a history of locking the keys in the house on my way to drive school car pool and having to get a screwdriver and ladder from the garage (back when we had a manual door) to unscrew the storm/screen from an open window and climbing in. I did this 3 times in a month. Here’s to better days the rest of this week!

    • Leanne Penny

      Wow Natalie… just wow. When it comes to keys you win!

      And better days for the rest of the week? Yes please!

  • Kara G.

    I just started Kingsolver’s Animal, Vegetable, Miracle and I’m loving it! PS– it feels great to get those bad days out of your head by writing, doesn’t it? Well done, Mama. Tomorrow is a fresh start.

    • Leanne Penny

      Thank you, so far it’s been… well not as crazy. I can’t wait to dive into that one! I’ve heard so many good things about it.

  • Suzette

    I thought last Friday was bad… but no, you had a hole-in-one awful day! Popped over from Modern Mrs. Darcy.

    • Leanne Penny

      Hello and welcome! I love Mrs Darcy 😉

      Yes, it was a hole in one to be sure! I cried and laughed all at the same time and seriously considering pushing the grocery cart the two miles to my house just to avoid going back into the store.

  • Mark Allman

    I am glad you found your keys!!

    • Mark Allman

      Because this happens so often to our family I have an extra key hidden on the vehicles.