Creativity without Perspective

I’ve been digging deeper into my Meyers Briggs personality type lately and loving every minute of it.  I took the test back in college which is rounding on about 9 years ago for me and I wondered if it would still be the same given the fact that I’ve been craving more alone time these past few years than I ever have before.

Yet, after reading more deeply into my MBTI I realized that it’s likely still right on and the need for more introverted time can be chalked up to have kids around me 16 hours a day.

unleash_your_writing_creativity I’m an ENTP which means I’m creative, outgoing and I’m always imagining ways to improve my surroundings. This expresses itself in a variety of ways but it usually plays itself out here on my blog, around our home and in the systems and pieces of our life.  Although details aren’t my thing I’ve taught myself to keep things somewhat orderly and I typically manage to keep it up.

ENTPs love to innovate and make improvements, it’s in our DNA.

This drive for improvement is wonderful when it comes out in writing, remodel scheming and craft projects.  But, it can be all too harmful when I apply it to the people I love.

Imagine living with a mother who is always reminding you of ways you could be doing better.  Or being married to a woman who mixes every dose of encouragement with a heavy hint of “room for improvement.”

Sadly, somedays this is what it’s like to be a member of the Penny family.  You get to enjoy a lot of thoughtfully prepared dinners in a cozy, well-decorated space while you listen to all the ways in which I see “room for improvement” in your life.

Geez… how great does that NOT sound?

To be fair to myself I’ve gotten ever so much better over the past five years.  I’ve managed to keep my tongue in check and I’ve learned to sweeten my words. Still, I often wish that I was one of the warm, fuzzy mamas whose personality type includes a honey-tongue and bushels of tender acceptance.

I wish that I was quieter, cuddlier and more stable.

Since creativity is so deeply woven into my genes, some days it’s all I really want to be doing.  I want to write, sew, paint, cook and up-cycle until I’ve had my fix and I’m positively high on creating.

Until I achieve something that gives me that… high.  You know what I mean, right?  We all have them.

But life doesn’t work like that.  I don’t get to put the writing and creating before my family, I can weave it into the way we do life together, but I can’t abandon them for it.  

Because sacrifice is doing what you love second because you love your people more.  

It’s saying the second thing, the more gracious thing that comes to mind rather than the first thing, even if it’s true.  It’s filtering yourself for the good of your family but not so much that you lose yourself.

Mostly it’s blending everyone’s needs and coming out with some sort of smoothie that works for you.

I’m sort of excited to get to know my children’s personality types, see how they tick and how I can best meet their needs.

Do you enjoy these sort of personality tests?

How does your personality clash with your lifestyle?

  • annevermeulen

    I love these. I’m an INFP, on the borderline between F/T and P/J. My personality type is rather famous for avoiding conflict at all costs, sometimes going to extremes. YUP. I’m not sure how my personality has manifested itself in my parenting, but as an adult, yes, I avoid conflict like the plague, which means telling someone something that I think will upset them or make them mad at me is pretty much impossible (or feels that way). Feeeeelings… nothing more than FEEELINGSss…

    I think Jason told me he’s an ESTJ. Surprisingly, we’re pretty much on the same page for a lot of things. Has Kel done it?

    • Leanne Penny

      Yes! Kel has done it and he is an INFJ, “The protector.”

      I retook it with a much less complicated tool today and it put me as an ENfP so I think I’m right on the line with it comes to Thinking and Feeling as well.

  • Mark Allman

    I am either ISFJ or ESFJ….. I and E were equal in scoring.

  • Rebecca

    I took the official test in college as well but don’t remember what I was. I just read through the definitions and I’m pretty sure I’m an ISFJ.
    How can we be different in every category?! Dislike!

  • emmillerwrites

    My fellow extrovert at the introvert retreat!

    I took the test right after college, when I made a friend who was really, really interested in the Myers-Briggs assessment. In fact, I think she had me pegged as an ENFJ even before I took the test. Which I love most of the time, because I share this type with Pope John Paul II and because it’s all about creativity and spirituality and connecting people.

    But at it’s worst, and I’m certainly guilty of these things, it’s all conflict avoiding and overdoing things. Both are things I’ve been working on the past two years because they also are things marriage sort of shines a spotlight on, and, you know, I could do my eccentric writer thing and go on a kick where I read nothing but paranormal books and talk about UFOs for six months, but maybe I don’t want to do that to my husband.

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