Tattered: Redemptive Creativity (A Guest Post for Tanya Marlow)

Today I am guest posting for my internet friend Tanya about one of my biggest hobbies, redemptive crafting, in a series that I was more than happy to climb on board with: The Christianity and Creativity Series.  

I have been a creative person for as long as I can remember, and grew up devouring whatever craft kit my parents bought my.  Of course I was always better at starting them that I was finishing them, but that was a preview of my ENTP personality.  

Before I start this guest post can I make a little announcement?  I’ve opened an Etsy store over the past few weeks selling redeemed, up cycled items.  Right now I mostly have my rag rugs in there and the shelves are a little bare because most of my pieces were picked up by a local boutique.  

And hey, there’s a link on the right hand section of my blog which will take you there if you ever want to check it out.  

I love being in the business of up-cycling and creating something beautiful from something discarded.  

Okay, announcement made.  On with the writing portion.  

Everyone grows up under an umbrella of words that keep popping up when others describe them. For me it was busy, loud and creative. I hated the first two, but always loved the last one, creative.

As young girl I wondered just how creativity would manifest itself in my life, although I’m sure I didn’t use those exact words. I knew I wasn’t a painter and I didn’t have the patience for the delicate work of drawing. For a while I thought maybe I’d go into photography or graphic design but neither of those stuck either.


I always had projects and hobbies going and for a long time I enjoyed cross stitch and embroidery, honestly because it’s the only thing I had been taught to do. Art class was always my favorite hour in school (that and history), but I was never the teacher’s star artiste.

It took me a long time work out where creativity fits into my life, and truly it is still a work in progress. It has looked differently in each season of my life, but I know one thing, it must be expressed. It cannot stay inside.

I adore the quote by Brené Brown in which she says: “Unused creativity isn’t benign. It metastasizes.”

I have found this to be spot-on accurate, if I don’t create, I itch… on a soul level. There were seasons in my life when I thought that giving up all my creative endeavors was the right thing to do. I had a good friend tell me that writing and crafting weren’t hats I could wear while being a good mother, that the fewer hats I had to wear, the happier I would be.

It was true for her life, but for me it was detrimental because creating is a huge part of what God designed me to do. I can’t help but express this, and when I do so my soul feels closer to my creator than I often feel when poring over my Bible.

So I create, in many ways. Alongside my two children and away from them, usually tucked in a corner of the basement with my vintage suitcases full of fabric, yarn, paint and old sheets.

Head on over to Tanya’s place to continue.