One Small Change: Fresh Eggs and Buckets of Blueberries (a guest post for Addie Zierman)

If there is one thing in out lives that has become overly complicated, it’s our food.  We’re confused and constantly bombarded with opposing opinions on what we should eat t many of us have given up in resignation by ordering another pizza with a side of “screw it.”

One of the coolest parts of being a blogger is the potential for blog crushes to turn into real-life friends.  It’s encouraging, needed and it makes feel like pulling a Sally Fields (you like me!  You really like me!)

Anyway… that’s what happened with my sweet friend, the amazingly prolific Addie Zierman.  And today I’m guest posting at her place for her One Small Change Series, which is all about combatting the overwhelming need (and guilt) that exists in our world regarding social justice and the environment with small, doable changes.  Here we go.

Addie New Pic

Jerry Seinfeld put it best when he said: “Food is just so complicated as an adult. Nobody knows what to eat: protein, carbs, fat content?  We’re just walking up to each going “you look pretty good, what are you eating? Maybe I’ll eat that.”

Preach Jerry.

In fact, I have a good solid bet that this is how you came across every diet plan you’ve ever adopted. You had a friend who seemed passionate about a way of eating and rather than research it, you just went “what the hell, I’ll eat that too.”

I speak from experience here.

When I started this journey I was clueless. I knew I needed eat more naturally, but I didn’t even know how to make soup that didn’t come from a can.

Head on over to Addie’s place to finish it up.