This is What I’m Into- July 2013 Edition


Once again I’m linking up with Leigh Kramer for another edition of “This is what I’m Into.”

Month in (super brief) review:  July wasn’t marked by any massive changes.  We celebrated fourth of July, I worked a lot, we swam a lot, Caedmon got stitches and then Kel and I went to camp at Timber Wolf Lake.

Favorite Moments: Watching the kids play with sparklers at the fourth of july and getting pictures (on my phone!) that looked like the belonged on the front page of the paper.

Random family date night at Lake Michigan, where Caedmon found a minion in the lake and Noelle found a gluten free bun at the 8th Street Grille.

The High Ropes course at Timber Wolf Lake and the ensuing laughter when my “step” off 946312_527554430667_1871061970_nthe platform looked more like a squirrely seizure.

Reading List- With increased hours at work, more guest posting and starting an Etsy store…  July left little time for reading.  And it was far, far, far too busy.

So in August we will be making some changes at the Casa such as scheduling reading time until it becomes a habit and moving our TV downstairs and dropping down to just one TV set again.

I will say that I did spend the month making my slow way through Barbara Kingsolver’s The The Poisonwood Bible(finally) but I’m only 1/3 of the way through so it doesn’t count and I still don’t have as great a feel for it.

 On the Small Screen:  These days we seem to only watch TV as the background noise for doing something else, so when I’m doing a lot of rug making or sewing, I have the TV on the in the background.  It’s one of my favorite ways to chill.  I relax in this somewhat noisy, multi-tasking way nearly every afternoon for about an hour.

This month I’ve been re-watching Arrested Development from the beginning and laughing. A lot.

Also I gave The Walking Dead a try with Kel and I have to say that the story line is great but the zombie parts make me want to curl up in my momma’s lap.  I don’t enjoy the undead and I think that’s okay.

July 2

On my playlists: This has been a great month for new music, mostly thanks to listening through the Parenthood Soundtrack on Spotify.  You should check out these tracks

Human After All – Michael Logan.
Somehow this song seems to sum up my entire July “Chase that sunset til we’re blind, and wake up to find, we are only human after all.  We are only human after all.”

Today has been OK – Emiliana Torrini
Another song about life, love and the stuff of life… mostly for melancholy moods, which I’ve sort of been in.  Can’t you tell?  

Shine On – The Kooks.
Because when you’re done realizing how you’ve messed up.. you gotsa have something upbeat to move you along.

St. Judy’s Comet – Paul Simon.
Because it reminds me to focus on my kids and not so much on whatever is stressing me out.  

Best Bites:  I made up some white chicken chili and for some reason it was pure magic in the middle of the summer.

Other than that it’s just been a lot of fresh blueberries and turkey wraps because July was busy.  Too busy.

Although there is this Salsa recipe.  I call it Salsa ala Betsy, because it’s a recipe from my Aunt Betsy… who I dearly love.

Take a jar of salsa.
Add a chopped pepper (color of your choosing but I go red, yellow, orange.. sweet)
Add a can of sweet corn (or whatever corn you have on hand, but this is easiest.)
Add a can of black beans
Add a chopped, ripe avocado.

Eat this for lunch and feel great because you’ve eaten protein AND veggies while standing at the counter.

Craft July

Non Verbal Creativity: I think the pies de resistance of my rug making thus far was this inset heart rug, which ultimately went to the home of my dear friend Allison.

Also! I scored some fantastic furniture from the side of the road and have big plans to up-cycle it for either sale or personal enjoyment.

Random Love For:  Mary Kay Lash Love Lengthening Mascara.  I don’t spend too much on makeup but I’ll invest in eyelashes that feel so long you could poke people with them.

On the Blog / Writing: Well most of you know this, but I had a viral post with Relevant Magazine.  It was shared on facebook over 2,200 times as of the writing of this post.  I cried the entire day it was being shared because redemption of my pain is the hope of my storytelling.  So… yeah lots of tears.

Other than that, my most popular post here was my big, exciting, Young Life Announcement where I told you all about how I’m fundraising to come on staff with the Western Great Lakes Region of Young Life to do their writing and social media.  So. Excited.

So now it’s your turn, what are you into, up to, all about? 

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  • Shana Norris

    Love that sparkler picture. The one with the watermelon is pretty fantastic, too. Now I’m off to check out your viral post!

  • Deanna Piercy

    I just went and read your post on Relevant. I lost my very dear uncle less than 2 weeks ago. I was able to spend a week in California while he was in the hospital trying to help as best I could. I ended up peeling and freezing dozens and dozens of peaches from my aunt’s tree while I was there. I couldn’t make my uncle better but I know my aunt will recognize the love in those peaches in her freezer. He died after I returned home and we are going out for the memorial service this coming week. As a former hospice nurse I learned that oftentimes the best one can do for someone grieving is to simply be there. Thank you for sharing your perspective.

    Here’s my “What I’m Into” post for July:

  • Adele Chapman

    Poisonwood Bible is incredible. Keep on!

    Poor Caedmon’s little head! Bless it. xo

  • Leigh Kramer

    So many fun moments! Except for Caedmon’s stitches, poor buddy. I can’t handle zombie stuff so I’m impressed you gave The Walking Dead even a little bit of a chance. Glad to hear you’re scheduling reading time. I do believe it’s good for the soul. LOVE white chicken chili! Now I have a craving for it. I somehow missed your Young Life announcement. So exciting!