Seven year journey (Kel and Leanne “The marriage”)

Anniversary Collage

please enjoy 7 years of us and don’t forget to note Kel’s beard-timeline and my ever changing hair color.

Seven years love, seven!  Can you believe it?

Seven years since “Kel and Leanne THE WEDDING” or as our friends called it “The Pool Party.”  (due to my obsession with our main wedding color: bright aqua.)

Seven years of figuring each other out, falling deeper in love, falling apart and then somehow, with God’s grace, coming back together again and again.

And the once more… for good measure.

2 babies, 10 jobs, 3 states, 6 homes, 8 desks (don’t ask), 4 cars and 1 really annoying cat later…. here we are love, we’ve made it this far.

Still in love, still fighting and fighting for it even in the midst of an uphill year.

Our “move back to Michigan” gamble has stretched us farther than we’d hoped, but through it we’re reaching new heights together. Think of all the faith we’d lose or the wisdom we’d never have gained had this year gone the easy route.

But it didn’t and it’s been a blend of bittersweet chaos.

Monday, on our “actual anniversary” we found ourselves in pajamas on the couch after a hard weekend of general discord.

So we did our best by sharing a pizza and laughing at the obvious jokes in “The Avengers.”  Because we know when we’ve been beat AND we’ve really come to terms with how nerdy we are.  All we need now is a few bow ties and a TARDIS cookie jar and we should be set.  

In seven years we’ve learned that marriage isn’t always easy, and that it takes effort to allow the hard times to bring you together rather than apart.

I’ve learned about your deep need for encouragement and you’ve figured out that many of my worst days can diffused by sending me to take a bath.

Last night we gave celebration another go and met up for dinner at Public in Zeeland, sharing bacon wrapped dates and reminiscing on the journey behind us… and speculating on that one laid out ahead.

We flipped through our memories and called up each anniversary we’ve spent thus far, where we were, what we did, how the food was… like that one year we spent the day with Noelle, buying plants as Lowes as our celebration.

Or the year the restaurant with the big price tag and great reviews served us frozen onion rings and bland fish… and we managed to laugh it off as we paid $100 for crappy food.

Last night, as I gazed at you, I kept switching between the cute guy sitting across from me and the cocky college stud I fell in love with.  You joke that it was the Fedora and the vintage Lincoln Towncar that did it for me back then, but I know that it was your sweet words and your deep desire to love me anyway and no matter what.

I still remember some of those first dates and three hour phone calls, nervously trying to figure out what we were doing with each other…strangers from 1,000 miles away who couldn’t get enough their fill of each other’s time.

I’m so glad that we found each other, that we ignored our practical side and went for the crazy gamble of committing ourselves to each other across the miles.

I’m so glad that after all my life brought me, that you were the one I walked down the aisle to.  The brown-eyed boy with the curly hair at the end of the journey… the one that we’ve been on for seven years now and will be on for 47 more.

WEdding. I love you baby, happy anniversary.

Wedding Breakdown (because this stuff is fun)
How did we meet?  Read Leigh Kramer’s blog for more info on that.
Attendants: 5
Guests: 150
Location: Kuyper College Chapel
Officiating: My Uncle Rich Verkaik
Flowers: Hydrangea, stock and roses
Colors: Black and pool with polka dot accents
Dress: Simple and strapless
Veil: Yes, with a crystal tiara (which I refused to call a tiara so I called it a jeweled headband)
Walked down the Aisle to: At last by Etta James and Memories of us by Keith Urban.
First Dance: God Bless the Broken Road by Selah
Dinner: Pasta Bar
Cake: 3 tired strawberry with a matching 3 tiered rice krispy treat grooms cake.
Additional info: We had a female usher and a female “grooms maid” Because we are just so progressive like that.  Oh and no one danced so we ditched early with a bubble send off to the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel

Your Turn, will you share the fun details of your wedding?
Or your worst anniversary story?  

Because it takes a village to grow a marriage, and it takes a passel of friends sharing stories and wedding colors to make a Saturday anniversary post over-the-top fun.  

  • Mark Allman

    Happy Anniversary Kel and Leanne!

    • leannepenny

      Thanks Mark! :)

  • Deanna

    We got married at the First Presbyterian church in Ada, where we still attend. I wore an off-the-shoulder dress with a large picture hat and long veil attached. David and the male attendants were all in black tuxes with tails (thank goodness we opted for traditional rather than the currently popular colored tuxes with ruffled shirts!). The girls wore pink lace dresses. My colors were pink and burgundy, the flowers were roses, stephanotis and gardenias. The processional was “Wedding Song” performed live by close friends who had also done that song on their album. The recessional was “I’m On the Top of the World” by The Carpenters. My cake was cherry with white icing.