TV Guilt / Love & my Fall Lineup

I have a confession to make.  This may shock you.  We own a TV.

I know it’s borderline dirty to do so, but we do.  And we use it.

A lot of my friends are highly intellectual and don’t own a TV.  I picture them forever and always doing posh things, like playing violin, tatting lace, drinking tea and reading.

Probably while they listen to NPR and their butlers bring them crumpets and scones.

Okay, a step too far… I know.  But, sometimes I feel like owning or watching a television is the new fast food of time usage.

It’s not like I’m a crack head feeding my kids nothing but McDonald’s hamburgers served on BPA riddled plastic plates.

It’s just that I DO watch the occasional episode of Parenthood, Grey’s Anatomy and New Girl.

I’m (mostly sure) that no one thinks less of me for my TV ownership and usership, but in my head it makes me lazy and I’m setting my kids up for utter academic failure.

But then again, my head isn’t always a very nice place for me to be.

For a while I imagined us as TV free family, only ever doing puzzles and making origami in out organic cotton clothing… but the truth is that we get by with a little help from our tv friends.

I can’t quit on my stories mid-stream, I can’t break up with Meredith Gray and Mary Margaret Blanchard.  They need me!  And what in heavens would the Braverman family do without my supporton the other end of the screen?  They’d fall apart, that’s what.

And the truth is that even though there is a lot of crap on Television these days… there’s some great stuff too.

Also since I need further justification for myself, there’s the following:

  • I watch an average of an hour or less a day, on average.  Mostly.  Overall our family falls well below the national average in TV viewing.
  • my children only watch educationally based shows for an hour or so in the early morning
  • I watch TV while folding laundry or making Rag Rugs for my Etsy store, so it’s just multi-tasking and productive.
  • We don’t have cable so we can’t channel surf.  We just catch up on specifically selected shows on Netflix or Hulu.

So, now that I feel better about my TV habit, let’s talk fall line-up and what I’m excited about.

Also, I gave up the Bachelor / Bachelorette.  So, my soul is safe, right?  

We can consider this a sort of, What I’m into, Fall TV lineup edition.

greys Grey’s Anatomy: (Drama, NBC, Thursdays, Premieres September 26 with a 2 part series… because OF COURSE.)  Kel and I were were late starters with Grey’s and we spent the fall of 2009 catching up on it after our first EVER episode being the one where where George gets hit by a bus.  We were hooked and went a little overboard. But now? I think the drama of the characters is getting a little ridiculous and over the top.  Creator Shonda Rhimes has stated that even though main characters may start to leave, the show will continue indefinitely, like ER… which i eventually walked away from as well.  If there’s one show on this list I’m considering giving up it’s this one… but not just yet.

new-girl-zooey New Girl: (Comedy, FOX, Tuesdays, Premieres Sept 17)  I’m very new to this show which is just entering it’s third season.  My dear friend Becky told me to watch it so many times that she finally just came over and made me watch it.  And I’m so glad she did.  It’s a smart comedy that sets off my funny bone with small chortles and actual LOLs.  Also, I adore Nick Miller and I want to move our family into a cool loft with urinals.

Downton-Abbey-006 Downton Abbey: (Period Drama, BBC, Viewed Online, Premiering Late September in the UK and Jan 5 in the US.)  No spoilers here, I’ll try to be vague.  What happened… is still hard for me to acknowledge and even though I’ve read very intelligent articles on why it needed to happen.  I’m still pissed off.


Doctor Who - Series 7B Dr Who: (BBC, Viewed Online, Premiering Nov 23 in the UK… and rewatched often on our TV screen)  I have no idea how to properly describe to you my love for Dr Who.  I was reluctant to start it, it looked hokey and … weird.  But after massive prompting from my husband and some other positive tweets I committed to the first season, by the end of it I was hooked, mourning Christopher Eccleston and falling in love with David Tennant.  If there is one show on this list that I love above all else, it’s this one.  I love it enough to buy a piece of TARDIS Art and a Sonic Screwdriver flashlight.  I love it from deep and unexplainable places but it’s not just SciFi, it’s beauty from the depths of human emotion… and outer space.

– Favorite Dr, Matt Smith… it’s the chin… and the hair… and the… something.
Top five four episodes.

1) Vincent and the Dr
2) Lady in the Fireplace
3) Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead
4)  Anything with River Song in it.  If she doesn’t come back anymore.. I’ll be… more than really sad.


b018ttws Sherlock: (BBC Still without season 3 premiere date)  This show is smart and sexy with a dry and understated humor that should satisfy anyone.  It’s one of those shows that you really have to pay attention to, because it’s the details Watson.  Also, Benedict Cumberbatch is one of the most talented small screen actors I’ve seen in a long time and I simply need more of him.


url Once Upon a Time: (ABC, Sundays, Premiere Sept 29) This show hooks me (no pun intended) and then loses me over and over again.  Some story lines and engaging and some are worthy of an eye roll.  That being said there are too many lose ends hanging out there to walk away now.  Plus, I have this show to thank for my pixie cut so, that’s true love.

400059398_248adb05-06ce-45b2-80e1-977d87856d94-32-parenthood Parenthood: (NBC, Thursdays, Premiere Date Sept 26)  This show has me hooked by the heartstrings, potentially more than any other.  If you have kids.. or have family.. or have a heart at all.. you should be watching this show.  What I want to know is will the Adam Braverman family ever get a break?  And will Sarah please get back together with Mark already?


Robin-how-i-met-your-mother-2590616-1280-720 How I met your Mother (CBS, Premiering Sept 23) Slap Bet, Lawyered, And this is going on my BLOG!  But um… I can’t believe I forgot this show the first time around.  Stage an intervention.



040610_bigbangThe Big Bang Theory (CBS, Thursdays, Premiering Sept 26)  This is my favorite comedy of all time because it’s smart and nerdy, just like me.  Also, I’ve played the corresponding trivia game and it’s equally weird and fun.

So these are my shows, the ones I love (mostly appropriately)

What are you watching, excited about? Should I drop one of my stories and pick up one of yours?  

  • Jill –

    We don’t have a TV but we watch just the same as you do: on netflix or hulu. It’s really only the device that’s different. I DID however just finish a piece of homemade zucchini bread while listening to NPR… all I need is a butler! 😉

    If you haven’t watched Damages yet on Netflix it is a good one to have on while you’re working on rag rugs! We are almost done season 3 (of 4).

    • Leanne Penny

      Baking AND listening to NPR!? You’re one of THOSE 😉

      Mostly I feel inferior to NPR people, I just need to listen to it and boost my self esteem. And I will check out Damages!

  • Leigh Kramer

    I lost interest in New Girl about halfway through last season but I’m going to give it another chance. I still want to watch Sherlock at some point. I will, of course, be watching Downton and OUAT. I gave up on Parenthood because I could no longer handle the codependent relationships. I’m looking forward to the return of The Mindy Project and The Vampire Diaries and probably a slew of other shows I’m forgetting about.

    • Leanne Penny

      I still haven’t watched the mindy project Or Vampire diaries. And I forgot two of my faves after composing the list. What does this say about me.

      Also I’m always amazed at your media consumption. Amazed!

  • Kel “The Kel” Penny

    All I have to say is thank God we are doing with the Bachelor/bachelorette. GAG!

    • Mark Allman

      I hope you mean DONE !!

    • Leanne Penny

      Yes. The Kel doesn’t miss Bach night

  • Mark Allman

    I own TWO tv’s!! Forgive me. :) The shows I like are Person of Interest, Elementary, and any science fiction show. I like the character’s with the totured souls in Person of Interest and Elementary… I guess I identify.

    • Leanne Penny

      Hmm TV profiling?

      • Mark Allman

        Now that is an interesting theory ….that we could profile people based on the TV shows that appeal to them…… :)

  • Lisa

    No Mad Men? Oh how I love Mad Men. :) Can’t wait for Downton Abbey either!

    • Leanne Penny

      So I have a hard time with Don… I think he’s a jackass… Does he grow eventually?

  • AJ

    Aww I love the intro to this post! I also try to keep TV to a minimum but have fallen in love with GA and such :)

    Also are you on bloglovin? I’d love to follow a fellow MI blogger :)

    AJ | TheAJMinute

    • Leanne Penny

      My blog subscription needs work. Should I do bloglovin? I need to look into it!

      Hey fellow Michigan blogger!

  • Addie Zierman

    I love that you said “tatting lace.” Also, I love TV. So much. I want to marry it. I love Parenthood and Grey’s. Unhealthily attached to CW shows like Vamp Diaries. And I think that we’re giving up Bachelor/Bachelorette too. After the 45-minute breakup scene at the end of this last season, I just kind of wanted to scrub my brain with a loofah.

  • Michelle Woodman

    I love Doctor Who and my hubby and I may own a few too many related knickknacks. The Big Bang Theory is also another favourite.

    If you get a chance, check out Eureka — it has been done for over a year (*sob*), but it ran for 5 wonderful seasons on SyFy in the US (it was on Space here in Canada), and centred on a fictional town populated by geniuses and the Average Joe sheriff who managed to keep them and their experiments/projects from destroying the world.

  • Deanna Piercy

    We pay a ridiculous amount for satellite so David can watch his favorite football team. And then we watch very little television. We record The Daily Show and The Colbert Report every night and then watch them the next evening during dinner (no, we didn’t allow t.v. during dinner when the kids were little). Otherwise we mostly pick a few series to focus on. Mad Men and Downton Abbey top our list. I gave up on True Blood because it got too gross for me. Treme has been an absolute favorite but sadly there’s only one more season. We like The Newsroom, too. And then there’s our guilty pleasure – Californication.