What I’m Into -August 2013 Edition

Well guys, another month is coming to a close… MADNESS!… so this means I’m linking up once again with Leigh Kramer for another edition of “This is what I’m Into.”

Aug CollageRandom

Month in Super Brief Review-  August looked like this:  I packed a lunch and went to work. Then I did it again. Then Kel packed a suitcase and left for three days.  He came home, we tried to catch up a bit and then we did it all over again.  Somewhere in there Caedmon got stitches on his face and moved into a big boy bed.

Also we celebrated our 7th anniversary and the kids and I went up north for a weekend with Kel to visit his new Church.

Summer has been good to us, but I’m excited for cooler weather and a new pace, which may not come until 2014… so I’m hanging in there.

Best Snapshots:


On My Nightstand: This month I tore through The Paris Wife” by Paula McLain.  This is the story of Ernest Hemingway’s first wife Hadley and in it you get a vivid picture of life in the 1920’s as well as how closed off Hemingway was to those closest to him.

Also, over the past week I’ve been slowly savoring my friend Addie Zierman’s memoir “When We Were On Fire.”She has a way with words that never fails to work it’s way into my heart and if I had a case of copies I’d send you one.

Next up:  Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn, The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith (Actually JK Rowling) and Packing Light by Allison Vesterfelt

Aug Collage Books

On the Small Screen- August wasn’t a big TV month, although I did write a big post about it yesterday.  My friend Becky did force me to try New Girl, which which I am eternally grateful for.   I got back into Dexter a little bit, which always comes with guilt attached because… he kills people.

On the Blog:  I feel like this month may have been a little deep and whiny, which is fine.  You guys have done an amazing job at empathizing with my temper tantrums and have loved me through the vulnerability and awkwardness.  I thank God for all y’all.  Truly.

This month you loved my post about being a 31 year old grace rejecter.  Apparently there’s a lot of us who suck at grace.  Also and thankfully you jived with the one about grief being awkward.  Because it is.

You may have missed this one though, it’s all about the miracle after the fact, after your prayers go unanswered.  It’s sort of my heart, check it out?


Best Bites:  For our anniversary Kel and I tried out Public in Zeeland, which I highly recommend.  I had the steak on summer succotash and the angels on horseback are divine.

This month I made homemade crackers for the first time.  I’m still not sure if it’s worth the time and effort but I know and understand what’s in them and it takes my family a few days to go through a batch, instead of the 10 minutes it takes them to devour a box of GF crackers.  Which are a rip off.  I use this recipe, but with a bit more last and a bit less cheese.

Also, we’ve been receiving a lot of zucchini, both from our own plants and from family.  So we’ve been cranking out zucchini muffins using this recipe.  They freeze well and YES you can add cocoa powder and chocolate chips to make them a bit naughtier.


Non Verbal Creativity:  August was great for Rag Rugs, I completed 5 custom orders,  Including one (almost) six-foot, area rug, which dang near took out my back.  Big rugs = a lot of time bending down and cutting up strips.

Random Love for:

  • Aldi.  I am becoming some sort of weird Aldi Evangelist.  I love it there, I love the dry goods, the Winking Owl Wine, and the methodical flow of the store which forces me to “get in and get out.”  If you think you’re too cool to try Aldi, let me tell you this: rumor has it they carry a lot of the same products as Trader Joes, just packaged differently, same company sort of.
  • Rooibos Tea with honey and almond milk.  A 3pm tea time gets me through any day that seems too too big to climb in the afternoon.

So now it’s your turn, what are you into, up to, strangely passionate about?

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  • Mark Allman

    I took a weeks vacation and worked building a fence around our yard… still working on it. Traveled to Rhode Island for work. Funny Rhode Island is not on the map I have in my head of the US. It’s off to the side with the initials RI and an arrow pointing upward. :) Read the follow up book to Brad Meltzer’s The Inner Circle which was called The Fifth Assassin. Both great books and I learned from them too.

    • http://www.leannepenny.com Leanne Penny

      Never been to RI! I Just know it’s over there in the Cluster of New England.

  • http://www.tanyamarlow.com/ Tanya Marlow

    Congrats on your 7th anniversary! I like that we have similar books on our nightstand…

    • http://www.leannepenny.com Leanne Penny

      Good stuff! We really DO need to Skype don’t we? 😉

  • http://www.leighkramer.com/ Leigh Kramer

    Isn’t The Paris Wife stunning? I could barely put it down and the ending haunted me- though not as haunting as the ending of Loving Frank. I totally plan on buying a case of When We Were On Fire so I can hand it out like candy. SO GOOD. I’ve thought about trying to make crackers, since I no longer buy them but it does seem like a lot of effort. I figured I could stand to snack a little less these days. Congrats on your anniversary!

    • http://www.leannepenny.com Leanne Penny

      Yeah so crackers are mostly for my kids sake because they still do get a little snacky and we were camping so I wanted easy… “Here ya go” food that i could feel good about.

  • Sarah Caldwell

    Lovely stuff here! I’ve been meaning to check out Aldi again – I am such a ridiculous Trader Joe’s fan, its where I shop monthly. and tea with honey and almond milk – sounds perfect!

  • emmillerwrites

    So I just figured out where all these “What I’m Into” posts are coming from (shh… don’t make fun…) and linked up for the first time this month: http://www.emmillerwrites.com/2013/08/what-im-into-august-2013-edition.html

    I’m checking my mailbox daily for When We Were On Fire! I’m so looking forward to that, to fall and maybe a slower paced season (who am I kidding?).

    • http://www.leannepenny.com Leanne Penny

      you’ll love it! Going to check out your post now!