Day 2: Holy Ground

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Take off your shoes, because the place where you are standing… is holy ground.  

The place where you are standing, now.
Not the place you will be standing tomorrow, not someday, not next year.  Now.  Holy now.  God is here, now.  

Close your eyes and take a deep breath, can you feel how he’s right here and you almost missed it?

He’s there in the hip hops dance parties while you clean up blocks.
In another steamy, sticky pot of oatmeal
In another basket of socks to fold
In another overflowing, panic-attack inducing email inbox.
In another stressful moment
In another tank of gas
In just enough food in the pantry to sustain until the next grocery trip.

Today’s ground is Holy stuff and God is right here, right now.

Not because you did your devotionals
Not because you went to church
Not because you tithed
Not because you volunteered
Because you’re loved
Because God is here and so are you.
Because “relationship with Jesus” means that he is interested in your right. now.

Holy Ground.
This ground
The already ground

Don’t worry about the ground of the picture perfect people on Instagram
Don’t worry about the ground of the people who, you feel, are ahead of you in the line of life
Don’t worry about the ground of the “better dressed” moms at preschool
Your ground is Holy Ground.

The sweet right here is the Holy Ground of your life
Yesterday ground is but a memory and tomorrow’s ground is iffy.

But this ground, with all it’s pebble and sticks and moss? It’s Holy and it’s happening and it’s whispering to you of the one who was and is and is to come.

Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty and Holy, Holy, Holy is the place you inhabit together.

Wake up, get dirty in the ground that you have, the ground that is holy and right. here.

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  • believemiracles

    Leanne,this is wonderful! I would love to have your permission to share this and the rest of them this month with an online group I am in. Would that be alright? I won’t without permission.

    • Leanne Penny

      Yes! I am so good with this. So sorry I’m behind on comment replies!

  • Mark Allman

    We do need to treat our days as sacred… it’s all we have.

  • DeanneMoore

    Beautiful post Leanne. So thankful for this holy day, for being here at your place right now..

  • Elizabeth Stewart

    Yes! Each moment, living in His presence. Beautiful post!

  • Sarah Caldwell

    This is SO BEAUTIFUL! (I found your 31 days through Emily Wierenga’s linkup). I needed to read this amidst the busyness and the motion. Thank you!

    • Leanne Penny

      Thank you and welcome :)

  • Emily Wierenga

    this is such a beautiful, sacred piece Leanne… you ushered me into his presence. thank you. e.

    • leannepenny

      No small compliment Emily, thank you.