Day 7- Here is where we start


My dear friend Becky and I walked a 5K this weekend,with a wagon, a stroller and three preschoolers in tow.

I have a hard time being proud of this because I know people who have run marathons and iron mans. I didn’t do anything nearly that hard, I just walked for a while and kept the kids on the path (which was no easy task…)

But my 5K is nothing worth celebrating.

Although, wait… I went out and did something challenging on a Saturday morning rather than declining and staying home with a book and coffee.

No. I didn’t run a marathon on Saturday, but I took a step toward that goal, should I choose to pursue it. I put on my first race number and completed a registered 5k from start to finish.

And that’s something, isn’t it?

Instead of measuring our accomplishments by someone else’s and always coming up short, what if I saw this 5k a worthwhile step on the journey?

What we saw our right here as a good place to start, if we viewed ourselves as equipped as we need to be to take the next step on the journey?

What if we didn’t beat ourselves up for deadlines missed and started fresh, right here?

And moreover, what if we celebrated “here” as the middle of many journeys we were intimidated to start and could have given up on?

Because “here” IS a place of middles, completions and beginnings.  It’s culmination of many journeys we could have just as easily passed on.

What if we looked around and didn’t see all that finish lines we haven’t crossed, but looked back at a few pictures of some that we did?  Graduation days, loans paid off, years worth of blog posts faithfully written, children raised with love for life and God and his people….

These are things to take pride in, to celebrate.

What if we grew comfortable with today’s To-do list instead of lamenting at how far away we are from where we “should be?”

Let’s decide to
1) Start here
2) Celebrate what’s behind
3) Stop comparing our finish lines and progress reports?

So let’s go do our todays
with what we have
Starting where we already are.
(insert race gun bang here)

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  • Jill –

    This post reminds me of that quote “comparison is the thief of joy.” Love what you said about leaving behind comparison. I think that is so great that you walked a 5k with your kids! Sometimes we equate “worthwhile” with “impressive” when we shouldn’t- at least I do. Just because something isn’t impressive doesn’t mean its not worthwhile! Some of the most worthwhile things are just things that simply bring us joy or companionship or satisfaction. Or even more- sometimes the most worthwhile things are the least impressive things, time spent working hard and humbly like I know you do with both your blog and your family.

    Thank you for the great reminder Leanne!

    • leannepenny

      Hard and humble is the good life, I believe it deeply and apply it poorly.

  • Mark Allman

    Congratulations on completing that 5 K.

    I think it helps to put a plan together on things you want to accomplish and start working at it. I think a lot can be accomplished by doing a little everyday on something. Small steps definitely add up. We try to remind our children the journey is theirs not someone else’s and what is best for them is not determined by someone else’s journey.

    • leannepenny

      I agree. We are not in charge and small steps are where it’s at!

  • Mark Allman

    This past weekend I ran in a full moon night 5k. First one I had ran since 1994. I hope I don’t go so long between the next one. Was able to run it in under 30 minutes.