This is what I’m into (October Edition)

Happy All Hallow’s Eve, Eve.  It’s for another edition of “This is What I’m Into” where I assume you’re into knowing what I’m into. Let’s get started:


Month in Super brief review: (Yes I skipped September, it will forever remain a mystery to you.  I hope you can accept that)  Overall October has been a bittersweet month.  I took the 3rd anniversary of my Mom’s death harder than I thought I would which resulted in a need to take a break from the internet, which helped.  Goodness has it helped.  I still don’t have any social media apps on my phone and I have no plans to install them anytime soon.  This is helping me break the pattern of logging on and feeling inadequate.

Somewhere in October Kel turned 31, we finally cleaned out the garage and I made the kids some minion costumes.  Overall October has been a month of turning inward to my own spiritual and mental health and the needs of my family.  God is good friends.

Best Moments in Pictures

best pics

On My Nightstand (Let’s talk about 2 months of books)

Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn – I found this book to be intriguing, however pretty dark.  This should be expected, it is a murder mystery that centers around a serial killer who targets children. Flynn is talented at giving her characters dark depth and this book was no exception.  I’d recommend it to some but recommend others stay away, especially those with a history of cutting.

Beautiful Day by Elin Hilderbrand– Hilderbrand is my favorite romance novelist and her books never fail to disappoint me.  This is a summer read if ever there was one, but I was pretty far down the waiting list at the library.  The book centers around a wedding, which was completely planned years in advance by the family’s late mother via a detailed journal she left behind for her daughter after a battle with cancer.

The Cuckoo’s Calling by JK Rowling (writing as Robert Galbraith)  This is a detective read and features a “down on his luck” detective working to solve the previously presumed suicide of a famous model. We did this one for book club and I had to cram to get it finished in time.  In the end I ended up falling short and googling the ending while flipping through the last pages.  This is another murder mystery of sorts, I find I’ve been reading through more and more of them lately by happy accident.

The Hangman’s Daughter by Oliver Potzch- This is the first in four part series (Yes I am already reading through part 2.)  It’s the story of a Hangman in the seventeenth century who seeks to stop a with hunt all while saving the life of the town’s midwife who is suspected of murder.  It was originally written in German but the translation is flawless, I recommend this series.  You can find it in the official mystery section of your library / bookstore.

The War of Art by Stephen Pressfield- This is a a great read with short chapters and I would recommend it to anyone doing anything difficult.  The premise of the book is that with every great endeavor, resistance naturally follows.  This book takes your through how to identify it and stop it in it’s tracks.


On The Small Screen- This is a hard section to write about since, all the shows started in September.

I did re-watch my way through BBC’s Sherlock over the past few weeks and I do find myself happily picking through reruns of Dr Who in preparation for next month’s big 50th anniversary bash.  New Girl is still making me laugh and even though it’s getting a lil “meh” I’m still on board with Meredith Grey.

On The Blog.  Well, I started doing 31 days this month.  Then I learned that to be here, I needed to sign off a bit.  So I quit happily and without guilt.  Nevertheless things happened and I felt so much love and resonance from all of you.  Thank you for your support.  Here are the top three blog posts of the month, in case you missed them:

Here, with holes:
Here is Holy Ground
Here is the story (A Synchroblog for Addie Zierman)

Favorite Words: Here are some blog posts that I loved AND remembered to write down.

Emily Wierenga- It’s a Blog eat Blog World Baby – “I’ve got everything I want right here, under this roof, until I open up my laptop.”

Shauna Niequist – Should is a warning sign – “When you’re using the word should more and more often, it’s a sign that you’re living further and further from your truest, best self”

Addie Zierman- To the current pastors from the formerly on fire.“We have to get better at leaning into the questions, at believing that God is big enough for them all. That in the midst of all the pain and questions and mystery, He is always, somehow Enough.”


Best Bites- As a Family we are totally addicted to this Gluten Free Crepe Recipe (didn’t make the sauce, just ate them with preserves) and this amazing Red Thai Curry.  Seriously, make the curry.  You won’t be sad.

Also, I tried my hand at canning for the first time (apple sauce and apple butter, tis the season!) with some heavy help from my friends Rebecca and Jennie who helped me with my first timer’s nerves, which were strong.

Random Love For

Leelanau Cellar’s Witch’s Brew mulled Wine
This Cleaning Schedule
The Soccer Bowl Park with the tallest slides known to manThe fuzziest socks available

Surely you’ve been into some things, yes?  Share please?

  • Anne Bogel

    Hope your blog break was good to you. I need those recipes. And can you believe I’ve still never read any Elin Hilderbrand? It’s happening before next spring, cross my heart.

    • Leanne Penny

      Recipes are linked! Advice is free via voxer 😉 And believe me, Hilderbrand isn’t life changing, but she’s good at sweeping you up and the reason I’m saving for a family vacation to nantucket. Seriously.

  • Addie Zierman

    Love this. Love you. Glad you gave yourself some grace and stepped back for a bit this month.

    • Leanne Penny

      Thanks Love, me too. I needed a rhythm reset, hope it takes.

  • Mark Allman

    I can not believe I waited till this year to watch Dr Who. I am a huge sy fy fan but never watched Dr Who. I have been watching some shows this month and find them well written and some are pretty moving. I don’t know when the new season runs for it. Happy birthday KeL! I had my mom teach me how to make her biscuits and gravy this month. Made the biscuits a couple times now I gotta try the gravy. I started watching my taped Person of Interest last night. Following Elementary too.

    • Leanne Penny

      Welcome to the Whovians Mark.

  • Daniel McDonald

    Thanks for the site. Your name popped up on the ole Twitter suggestions page – most everyone I follow seems to have followed you and your from Ada and I live in Tulsa. So will probably follow. Losing parents is tough for they are so much part of us. Glad you were able to get away. I have Facebook on my phone app, if I had Twitter I’d go crazy – or is that crazier? Look forward to popping in on the site now and then. Lord bless you and your family.

    • Leanne Penny

      Hi Daniel! Welcome! Bless you back!

  • Leigh Kramer

    I keep debating about Sharp Objects. I loved Gone Girl but I hear Sharp Objects is even darker. I’ll probably give in eventually. I’ve read one Hilderbrand novel and didn’t like it. But I know so many people who love her stuff so maybe I’ll give Beautiful Day a chance. So did you like Cuckoo’s Calling?! I did and I’m looking forward to what’s next in the series.

  • Ginger L

    Thank you for your review of Sharp Objects – I feel nicely warned if I decide to read it! :) The War of Art is on my GoodReads list, and I’m going to check out the others that you mentioned as well! I love reading all of the What I’m Into link ups – and really enjoyed yours! Hoping that you have a most blessed November!