To those of us on our asses.

I’m going through a season where i’m systematically trying identify the lies I believe, and it seems at this point, that there are a lot of them.  I’m fairly certain that I’m not the only one struggling thusly, and so I’m throwing one out there and writing truth over it.  Perhaps I’ll do more, maybe not so much.  Either way, here we, let’s go with, a Lie that I believe.  Mild language alert because some lies are so sticky that the require some choice words to be shaken loose.  

Hey there, I have no clue as to where you really are right now.

Your facebook feed may indicate that you have a picture perfect family, regular girls nights out where you wear something sparkly and a marriage that belongs on the silver screen.

That might be really true, or it might be only part of the story, either way, no matter where you are today I want to tell you a lie:

You’re the only one who goes through season where you fall on your ass (repeatedly)
You’re the only one who has madly emotional moments where you’re not sure which end is up and you’re pretty sure you’ll never figure it out again.
You’re the only one who second guesses every most social interactions on the ride home.
You’re the only one who looses it and heads back to bed some afternoons.
You’re the only one feeling overwhelmed with the day to day.
Everyone else has it mostly together and is enjoying a lovely, fulfilled life and they’re never not the least bit self conscious.
No one else but you falls on their ass.

There. I told you a lie.  It may seem like a bunch of them but really?  It’s all the same one and that is this: You’re the only mess on the planet.


You’re not.  You’re not the only one who fights with their spouse and you’re not the only one in yoga pants right now, you’re not the only one lacking faith in your own future and you’re not the only one worried you’ll be the thing that messes it up. all of it.

You’re not the only one with bad days or even seasons.
You’re not the only one with baskets of unfolded laundry, putting on yesterdays socks because you’re too tired to match new ones.

You’re not the only one who has a bit of crazy living inside you and you’re not the only one who feels panicky over ALL THE THINGS once in a while.

Everyone, no matter how rich, no matter how strong, no matter how successful they are:  Everyone falls on their ass sometimes.

The way I see it, we go through two different types of pain:

1) The sort that we can’t help, the sort we just grieve
2) The sort we feel like we should have seen coming, the sort we wouldn’t be dealing with if only we were better (whatever that looks like)

They’re both hard and they can both knock us straight on our asses, but we only feel okay with the latter.  The latter sends us both pain AND shame.

I think somewhere down deep, we all feel as though we should have always and forever know enough to stave off any seasons where we learn a lesson the hard way.  

As if we ever could.

It’s sort of like parenting, sometimes I have to send my kids to their rooms, where they inevitably cry. I’m not doing this because I’m vindictive and I’m not getting off on it.  I’m doing it because I want them to unlearn bad patterns so they can grow to live the best sort of life imaginable.

They’re not bad kids, they’re just learning as they go.

We all endure seasons where God sends us a hard sack of rocks to sort through, to teach us how to be the kind of strong he may need us to be in the future.  And we will unquestionably mess up in the middle of these seasons.

And if you, like me, find yourself in the middle of a growing season, where you are forced to take out every truth you’ve collected along the way and painfully separate the bullshit from the truth of God, I encourage you (and me) to keep walking.

Keep sorting
Keep fighting and running and sifting through it all
Don’t stop

And don’t, don’t for a second believe that you’re the only one on your ass today.

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  • Lisa K

    What important words for people to hear. We need to often hear these repeated to us because somehow we always forget and resort back to the lies. I often feel like I will be stuck in the phase of life I’m in forever and will never be able to move on to the next steps or achieve life goals. This will end. I will see goals met. I will retire some day. When I retire, I will probably look back and think that I wish I was smarter and saw the truth and lived in the now. Since I haven’t learned this fully yet, I’m at least trying. Well said, friend. Let’s practice telling each other truths. You’re a good friend and you have a rocking body. Happy Monday.

    • Leanne Penny

      Yes to all of it! The Jury is out on the rocking body… but I’ll take it!

  • Jill –

    Amen! We’re all in this together!

    • Leanne Penny

      Truth (and then some) I love you dear.

  • Mia

    Dear Leanne
    Oh, when that nasty critter called Sorry Suzie starts to whisper these lies into your ears, it doesn’t take her a long time to make you feel so sorry for yourself, blaming the whole world for your predicament. We need to identify her schemes and her voice and show her the front door as soon as she knocks!
    Blessings XX