One Day in the life (2013)

Yesterday I spent the day as usual, there were dishes, kid meltdowns, preschool drop off and laundry. The one thing that make it different is that I took time to document it, both the little and the obvious.

I did this as alongside many others in a project called One Day headed up by Hollywood Housewife.  This was my first year doing this and it was fantastic.  Every couple of hours I would go to Instagram and check out the hashtag #onedayhh and there was life.  There were other people’s coffee cups, diaper changes, mini vans and laundry baskets.

And you know what?  It overwhelmed me in it’s simple and really profound beauty.  All the minutia of daily life adds up to the loveliness of the human experience.  I may have teared up one or thrice.  

Okay so here we go, a day in my life.


 5:25- I finally get out of bed where I’ve been laying awake since Caedmon begged for the 6th time to get into our bed and I caved. He proceeded to kick me so I finally got up to greet the day.  Not a great night’s sleep, but I’m awake… ya know?

I turned on the porch light to check the weather. Nope, no snow but sparkly frost, I headed out in my bathrobe to get a decent picture but quickly gave up and headed back inside where….

This lovely little girl is waiting for me way, waaay too early.  She is usually my 3rd up and has been known to sleep until 7:30, which is late for our kids.Oneday1

So while Noelle and I chat I start to unload the dishwasher, which is one of the best choices I can make in the morning.  Then the kettle whistles and I pour it into the french press to allow the water and grounds to make love and coffee.  Noelle gets in on the action too wish warm milk and a splash of coffee in a sippy cup.  This has been our routine for at least two years.

Finally I give in and go downstairs to let the yowling cat out of his nighttime storage area.  If we don’t do this he keeps us up at night.  While I’m down there, I start some Leapfrogs for Noelle, then I come upstairs to try to do some devotionals.  I love She Reads Truth plans as view on the YouVersion app.  I’m just finishing up James… late. #typicalforme

Today it’s talking about patience, which I sorely need in my life right now.  I want all the future things, now.  Like our next house and Kel’s next job.

As I do I admire this distressed, almost whitewashed looking end table, that I love.


6:35 The second one is up and fussy, in this shot he’s mad that I didn’t give him cereal with a red spoon.  Yes, I caved and hauled the red spoon out for him, then I promptly sent him downstairs to watch tv with his sister.

Am I the only one who’s mantle looks like this?  Pumpkins and Christmas trees?


6:45 Shower time and oops, we didn’t pick up after bath last night so if I want to stand up in the shower, I’ll have to do some clean up.  This is the one-shower life folks.  Eventually I pick out this outfit, but have reservations so I text my friend Lisa (who got me the plaid shirt) for approval.

7:15 I’m ready and Kel has a veggie scramble waiting for me, because he rocks.  He has a cold right now but he still managed to help out with the morning.  Then, for posterity sake we had a fight about some things, this routine of having him out of town a chunk of the week takes a toll on our marriage and routine.


7:30: Mine and Noelle’s bags are packed… we’re ready to go… and off we go to school.  it’s a chilly 22 degrees at this point and it takes the mini van a while to warm up.  We arrive ON TIME! And Noers answers the question of the day: “Do you have a J in your name.”  Nope.


9:00 I arrive at my office and make myself a cup of Rooibos tea without Honey.  No honey at the Young Life office, may have to fix that.  While there I listen to my favorite Spotify playlist, you should check it out, and drool over a granny square stocking tutorial… which was not really work related.

At some point in all of this I get a text from Kel begging for chili dogs… random… and I talk him down from that ledge.  Eventually I work through some stuff for Young Life, including this page and read up a little bit on getting into freelance writing.


11:45 Time to get noelle!  On the way we notice that all the leaves are off the trees now, but Oh wait, there they are… on our deck!


12:10 Lunch time at the casa, leftover pizza for the kids and white chicken chili for Kel and I.  We discuss the upcoming 50th anniversary of Dr Who and google memes… while the cat meows at us for… whatever reason.  Also, Caedmon plays with blocks.


12:40: We finally get everyone ready to leave with shoes, socks and missing library books.  Time to run some errands and get groceries, but first?  Coffee date.  Kel is giving a very sarcastic thumbs up here because he HATES putting in my coffee order.  Yesterday it was: Brewed Dark roast with one pump chocolate, one pump peppermint with cream.  I like a little sugar but not a lot of dairy and the $5 price tag of a latte makes me want to cry.

Speaking of crying, Caedmon’s cup looked different from Noelle’s which was patently unacceptable.  The solution:  Wait til she finished her drink and put his drink in it.  Those are real tears people.


1:00 Get gas, exchange library books.  Out with the old and in with the new, which is “Call the Midwife” by Jennifer Worth.  Then to trusty ol’ Meijer where we get a few groceries and ride Sandy the pony, which is still only a penny after 50 years.


2:35 Home with groceries, before and after…. Ahh better.  Most of it went down into the crisper drawers.  We eat pretty fresh.  On the menu docket:  ribs and butternut squash, gluten free spaghetti and red thai curry.


2:50: Rest time for all after I finish cleaning up lunch and rotate some laundry. Noelle plays on the iPad, Caedmon watches a movie for a bit and I watch New girl while I work on a minion hat for a friend, inspired by our Halloween costumes.  Kel plays a few video games, because right now the weekday is sort of like a weekend because he works all weekend long.  It’s weird, I don’t like it.  Our routine is like wearing your pants backward.


IMG_07043:45- Bonus Question:  What movie does his attire remind you of?  (I’ll add a hint later if no one gets it but really…. obvious… and funny… and unintentional)

4:00 – 5:00- Vacuuming up rice, cat litter and whatever else is living in our carpet.  Then?  Getting ready for a rare girl’s night out to celebrate the birthday of my dear friend Naomi.  This is what I wore (Target dress, Gap cardigan, Target tights, Marshalls boots, sweater socks and vintage necklace from estate sale) and check out my boots… one of them is really stained and I have no idea how it happened.  I need to order new ones but for now… these will be okay.


5:37- Drive downtown to a beautiful sunset which I didn’t dare photography because traffic was madness.  Finally, arrive at Naomi’s house… late… and wait for her husband to get home from work (on his bike!  It’s 27 out!)

5:50- Arrive at SanChez as a party of three and joke about how empty the restaurant is and how we shouldn’t have bothered with reservations.  Turns out we should have, they were booked solid for the whole night.  We walked to our table and started running down the tapas menu and getting our drink orders in before happy hour ended.

When you eat tapas, the food comes out in slow courses, a few small plates at a time.  We started with a smoked trout spread and went on to scallops and pork belly (my first time with it) There were empanadas, Bleu cheese fritters and asparagus spears.  Eventually around 7:45 we finished up with vegan chai pumpkin pie and drunken raspberry cake with gelato.  I love this restaurant, it’s where I had my bachelorette party.


As I walk out I notice that Jim Gaffigan is coming to town and take a note of it… not til next March?  Doable.

Then we head back to Naomi’s where I admire her art and amazing decor skills.  They’ve been in their place for a couple of months and it’s more put together and thoughtful than any home I’ve ever lived in.  She styles homes and people.  She’s amazing.

Eventually the 5 am wake up starts hitting me and I turn the mini van home and arrive around 8:50.


SleepingCFizz I check in on the kids and kiss their little faces, thankful beyond words that bedtime went off without a hitch.  Apparently the world really does go on without me.

Then I settle down on the couch to scroll through the #onedayhh pictures I’d missed while out on the town.

You guys, it really is a beautiful, crazy life and I went all out commenting on the loveliness of the lives of strangers.



Around 9:10 we head to bed and Kel prints out a crossword puzzle for us to work on as we talk about… whatever… mostly the crossword to be honest.  We don’t even finish
before my eyes won’t stay open anymore so I call it quits and fall asleep around 9:30 while Kel heads back out to the couch to read.  And that’s about it folks.

Thanks for tuning into this, I did it mostly to document a day in the life and to join in a community celebrating the beauty of ever day life.  I don’t pretend to think you’re all that into the minutia of my day but I’m grateful for those who made it this far.  Please check out the other posts in the linkup or just search instagram using the #onedayhh tag.

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  • Jill –

    Love it! I think it is so fun to peak into other people’s lives!

    • Leanne Penny

      I loved peeking into yours :)

  • laura @ hollywood housewife

    This is just so awesome. Love reading through your day! Also, your outfits were darling.

    • Leanne Penny

      Um I’m taking that as a high compliment. And maybe doing a happy dance.

  • Brenda W.

    I enjoyed this! Man, you get a lot done in a day!

    • Leanne Penny

      Ha. I needed to hear that Brenda.