What I’m Into April 2014 Edition

Well, April is drawing to a close so it’s time for another This is What I’m Into Post. Many other bloggers and friends share this practice, all hosted by the lovely Leigh Kramer.

Buckle up, because a “Month in review” written by a whiny pregnant women is sure to be tons of fun.


Month in (very brief) review: This month was exciting, a lot happened. I didn’t feel up for any of it of course and would have preferred to be in bed eating bagels and watching Scandal, but the world spun madly on without my consent.

Thank you all for the huge love you showed us on the day we announced our pregnancy, nickle baby (Not, as many have thought, Nickel Back Baby) already feels plenty o’love.

This month contained the three day marathon of awesomeness that was The Festival of Faith and Writing where I got to connect with many, many lovely friends both old and new. I was exhausted and sickish for most of it but I managed to hug, smile, hold (hopefully) coherent conversations and eat a ridiculously massive piece of cake in public while everyone sipped cute cocktails.

Also this  month, and this is sort of big news, we found a new home on the North East side of Grand Rapids, we are still working on a bit of paperwork, but as long as nothing major happens I think we will have a photo-laden announcement here pretty soon.


On The Small Screen (with minimal spoilers)- This is a category in which I spent a lot of time this month, which was both a comfort and a huge source of shame for me. I don’t believe in tons of TV, but it’s how the kids and I spent more than a few afternoons. I watched nearly the entire three season stretch of Scandal, in a month. A show which I recommend highly, if you’re okay with feeling a little dirty on the inside at the end of every episode.

I bawled at the season finale of Parenthood, which is not unusual behavior for me as I am 107% guaranteed to weep at least twice during every episode of parenthood.

On my Nightstand- Our book club book this month was The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck. I only got 80 pages in because I finished the Hunger Games series instead.

Why did it take me so long to finish? Because about three years ago someone told me that it contains a love triangle that is as bad as the one in Twilight, which turned out to be WAY not true at all… But it gave me something to feel good about this month in light of all the Binge TV watching.

Catching Fire– Great read, tons of plot twists and foreshadowing that had be scrambling for the next book.

Mockingjay– Maybe my least favorite book in the trilogy but not by much. I loved the ending, Suzanne Collins could teach Veronia Roth a thing or two about ending a series the right way.

April 4

Best Bites – This month I enjoyed everything bagels, saltine crackers and bananas. My life is very exciting. I am now a Grand Rapids, Everything Bagel Connoisseur and can tell you that, for my money Big Apple Bagel does the best job here, Bagel Beanery almost won my heart but I think they use a touch too much coriander.

Also, low sodium Saltines are an abomination to queasy people everywhere, unless they have heart disease, in which case I am sure they’re greatly appreciated.

In my Earbuds – Halfway through the month the cord that connects my iPhone to the mini-van sound system broke, which made us all very sad. I mean, the kids couldn’t listen to “Everything is Awesome” from the Lego movie on demand. We intend to fix this issue soon and I am trying to put together some new playlists for the occasion.

Best of This Blog- You guys, thanks again for being such gracious readers of our guests and for welcoming the Love Showed Up contributors so warmly.

When People Say They are Hurting, Believe Them by Abby Norman- Love showed up for me when people believed I was in pain. Even when I didn’t look like it. Even when I didn’t act like it. If you want to love someone who is suffering, believe them.

Love Showed Up with a Simple Offer by Brenna D’Ambrosio- Love showed up with an offer. A cup of water, a plate of food. Love showed up and reminded me that I wouldn’t be alone. Love showed up and reminded me that there was healing ahead. Love showed up and reminded me that as followers of Jesus, this is what we do.

Nickle in November- (Our baby announcement)

Non Verbal Creativity- This month I managed to crochet two dish rags, which feels very metaphorical somehow.

Most Popular Post on Instagram – Technically the most popular post was the same one seen in the Nickle Announcement. So, since it’s already appeared here I’ll show off number 2.



Oh the Easter Morning Loveliness of the kidlets. Caedmon hid behind my legs every time someone complimented his tie at church. Forgetaboutit.

Okay so, What have you been watching, reading, loving, listening to?

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  • http://justoneoftheboys.com/ Ginger L

    Congratulations!!! So excited to hear your pregnancy news! I’m a fellow Scandal-lover. :) I finally saw the movie Divergent, and it made me want to read the other two books in the series. I keep hearing bad things about the last book, so it’s still undecided if I’ll actually dive in to read the others 😉 I need to check out your Love Showed Up series – will do that today! Hope you have a great May!

    • http://www.leannepenny.com Leanne Penny

      Did you enjoy the movie? We haven’t ponied up for a sitter to go see it yet and will likely at this point wait for it to come out on video.

      I hope that the Love Showed Up Series blesses you. Have a great May yourself!

  • http://simply-rea.blogspot.com Rea

    I am 100% with you on your Suzanne Collins vs. Veronica Roth opinion. My husband laughs at me because when I finish a series by an author who actually knows how to write a strong series I am very vocal about it! I’m equally vocal when I’ve wasted my time on a series that fizzles in the last book. Or starts to fizzle in book two but I still want to know what happens so I get book 3 and eventually end up skimming to get to the end where I usually end up saying ‘well that was dumb’. Allegiant wasn’t that bad, but it felt like an entirely different book.

    • http://www.leannepenny.com Leanne Penny

      Yes, I really Loved Divergent, don’t get me wrong but the ending nearly sent me to therapy. Now, I know that it made sense and was in character but I don’t care, real life is hard enough, my YA is supposed to end well for me and not leave me wanting to don sackcloth and ashes.

  • http://www.mommablogsalot.com/ Jennifer E

    Congrats on the pregnancy and the new home – lots of exciting! Love the Hunger Games series, I would totally neglect Grapes of Wrath for those books any day!

    • http://www.leannepenny.com Leanne Penny

      thank you, when one neglects the Classics for YA… one feels a touch guilty, so I needed to hear that :)

  • Ibukun

    Congratulations on the pregnancy and new home! Excited for you!

    • http://www.leannepenny.com Leanne Penny

      Thank you, your excitement is much appreciated… and shared.

  • http://www.greyceiling.com/ Amy Gaines

    Everything bagels are the shiz. I hope all goes smoothly with the house you found! Congrats all around :-).

    • http://www.leannepenny.com Leanne Penny

      They so are. Thanks for “getting it” so many people like the cheesy or sugary kind 😉

      And thank you! It really feels like a done deal but you know.. chickens and hatching etc… but seriously.

  • http://www.leighkramer.com/ Leigh Kramer

    Congrats on finding a new house! So exciting. I’m looking forward to copious pictures. I highly disagree with you on the Divergent/Hunger Games front. I HATED Mockingjay’s ending with the fire of a thousand suns. In fact, you’re the first person I’ve heard actually like it. I thought Roth’s gutsy ending of Allegiant was worthy of applause and adoration. I won’t say the particulars in case others haven’t read them yet. We can still be friends but…you’re wrong. :)

  • http://dontstopbelieving.me/ Brenda W.

    I started watching Parenthood because my mom loves it, and now I cry about it too.

    Congrats on the new house! :)

  • http://inthewarmholdofyourlovingmind.blogspot.com Sarah Denley

    Congrats on the baby and the house! And that conference is something I’d love to do one day.

  • http://www.leeleefindsherself.com/blog/ Leelee

    Now that I have seen Catching Fire twice, I can go back and read the book again to see how they messed it up. I didn’t like how Prim died in Mockingjay, but other than that, it was pretty good.

  • emmillerwrites

    One of the highlights of my month was seeing you at FFW! And I loved the Hunger Games trilogy. Yeah, it has a love triangle, but it’s like the exact opposite of Twilight. Those guys are dependent on Katniss, and really, she had better things to do. Like overthrow the government. No time to lie in the woods being mournful!

  • Corrie Aw.

    Congratulations on the pregnancy and the new home! You have my deepest sympathy for the nasty symptoms.